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Conversation Between KholdStare and Marcus H.
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  1. Marcus H.
    2011-10-29 02:37
    Marcus H.
    Lol. D:
    I need to spruce up that wikia, then.
  2. KholdStare
    2011-10-29 02:32
    Sorry, the wiki is on the backburner currently because we're so busy with ISML SE. I think we're not really committed to moving yet, so for now we have to stick with wikia, lol.
  3. Marcus H.
    2011-10-24 08:31
    Marcus H.
    Welp, looks like is no longer in the format that I expected it to be.
    By the way, apologies for not being able to help out in the wiki, although you handled everything quite well.
  4. Marcus H.
    2011-03-03 20:08
    Marcus H.
    I wonder, why kazeyomi of all names? And what happened to #isml? I saw it taken out from the site.
  5. KholdStare
    2011-03-03 19:58
    Don't worry about it. We have people who will take care of the AST and KBM portions, and I'll make the character pages when they're needed too. By the way, you should join #kazeyomi instead of whatever channel you originally found me in. It's the new saimoe channel. :P
  6. Marcus H.
    2011-03-03 19:53
    Marcus H.
    So that's a real problem: "How about the Anime Saimoe Tournament and KBM?" Okay, I think we should stay with the Saimoe Wiki. However, we should add in results from KBM and AST as well; I dunno how those other tournaments work. @_@
  7. KholdStare
    2011-03-03 19:46
    Yeah I'll discuss with you the pros and cons.

    -Full use of page width (main reason for consideration)
    -No advertisement
    -Full control of the wiki

    -Cannot import/export images from wikia (main reason for delay, don't want to transfer 250+ images one by one)
    -No longer neutral, since people may view this as ISML-only wiki
    -Wikia is already established and will be in google search
    -We don't want concurrent edits, so I'll have to close down the saimoe wiki.

    So, thoughts?
  8. Marcus H.
    2011-03-03 19:37
    Marcus H.
    It's a good decision, actually. With the wiki linked to the main site, more contributors will flood in. Anyway, I'll still continue with the editing, but I'll tone it down I bit, since it's not yet Regular Season.
  9. KholdStare
    2011-03-03 18:44
    Sup. We don't include prelim matches in character profiles, so I don't think there's anything to do yet, although I could be wrong. I appreciate you doing the prelim pages though. They should help a lot~

    And I've been on the down low because I'm pondering about moving the wiki as part of the ISML subdomain. There are advantages and disadvantages, but for now the decision will be at least delayed until the end of ISML 2011.
  10. KholdStare
    2011-01-17 15:44
    Hey, things are going great. We have lots of information, or as we'd like to call it, all the information that most people would search for. :P I'm actually not a website design guy, so I don't really know what to put on the front page -- plus I don't know fancy wiki markup. If you want to make the front page creative, then go for it. :P What I will say is that we will want some kind of news box to display current saimoe events somewhere near the top of the main page (where you don't have to scroll down to see), but aside from that, be creative~

    Thanks for trying to help.

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