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Conversation Between Shana and Ice Climbers
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  1. Shana
    2009-01-08 22:30
    Yeah but it was about time! also Miku is really cute too~
  2. Ice Climbers
    2009-01-08 20:07
    Ice Climbers
    imma bring the world to an end!!!
  3. Shana
    2009-01-08 18:27
    Oh gosh, this is a signal! World's gonna end! Icy's changed his profile picture!
  4. Ice Climbers
    2009-01-08 16:19
    Ice Climbers
    hey, speaking of which, i change my profile pic!! hurray!
  5. Shana
    2009-01-07 05:59
    Hehe, I didn't bother to read the artist's name! too lazy... not really far from you
  6. Ice Climbers
    2009-01-06 21:39
    Ice Climbers
    Lol, the girl in your avie is drawn by Kantoku ^^

    Thought you might be interested in his/her drawings haha

    Happy new yr to you too =] yeap Tsukasa is still going strong (More like I didnt bother changing my profile pic )
  7. Shana
    2009-01-06 17:14
    Kantoku who?

    btw, happy new year! and WOW I still see Tsukasa-chan in there!
  8. Ice Climbers
    2009-01-06 15:42
    Ice Climbers

    Shana-chan into Kantoku drawings too !?
  9. Ice Climbers
    2008-06-18 21:34
    Ice Climbers
    Lol, for the ??? time, Sephi is a guy

    Does Sephi really sound that girlish

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