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Conversation Between Shana and Epsilon
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  1. Epsilon
    2008-06-24 11:46
    haha, I'll send you some free time XD, I have lots to share
  2. Shana
    2008-06-24 09:10
    I'm so jaleous of you! I should be sleeping 'till 12:30pm and then go have lunch and go sleep again instead of going out with my parents or going to classes! would you give me some of your free time?
  3. Epsilon
    2008-06-24 09:05
    Ahhh I was never good with maths and science XD, I finished college now and I have >too< much free time ><
  4. Shana
    2008-06-23 11:37
    Nyaa! ^_^ I'm fine. Already in some kind of vacation (the only thing I've stopped doing is going to school)! I was promoved with good grades except in Maths and Sciences, the most boring ones.

    What 'bout you? Already on vacation?
  5. Epsilon
    2008-06-23 05:25
    How are you!?!?
  6. Shana
    2008-05-26 12:17
    I wanted first message! That's NOT fair!

    huhu, how have you been?
  7. Epsilon
    2008-05-26 05:57
    Hey hey Shana!!!!

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