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Conversation Between Esper 28 and Dann of Thursday
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-23 12:56
    Dann of Thursday
    They creep me out to be honest like they do half the cast. I liked when Brock was considering having them beat up Dean, but then decided against it because they were "kinda creepy".

    Yeah, I suppose so. He at least showed that he cares about things. I still worry though.

    Well, the spoilers from before say so, but only time will tell for sure. Granted, a lot of things in that list have come true so far and the others seem quite plausible. They talk of bad things happening with Lelouch though. There are other little things like Lelouch giving C.C. a ring and asking her to stay with him and Lelouch saying something to Kallen that expresses his true feelings (not sure what kind though). The ring thing sounds sort of positive, but I guess it depends on how Lelouch is acting and how C.C. is reacting to that as well if it is true, though her calling him master is something I hope doesn't continue and those spoilers could always be wrong entirely on that count since they were wrong about the bit with Refrain or the ring thing could just be with Kallen instead since the bit with Kallen sounds more reasonable than the one with C.C.. They got things like the info in the Knightmares right. Have you seen the new ones like the Galahad?

    On the other hand, Koshimizu has said to take them with a grain of salt, to some of it is probably sounding way too good to be true like the bit with the ring. Sounds like someone being hopeful to me.

    She could I suppose, though I can't quite think of how that would happen. I can't think things would be exactly the same though. Well, you could start believing, but we don't know quite how each regarded the other. I guess we know that C.C. regarded him as an important person, but I think another reason she protected him was due to him being Marianne's son. And I think Lelouch may be just as unsure as I am about the whole thing. He couldn't finish that sentence "She's" after all and then just switched to some other form of stopping her. Her being happy would be nice, but at the same time the idea of them being together seems almost too happy of a thing to occur.

    That's always possible now I suppose, though I still can't be sure. First I think he isn't quite as bad, but then he sort of goes and confuses me more with that whole one person thing. Grooming him for what though? He certainly isn't helping him now or vice versa. And what was with those weird masks?

    Something I noticed was that C.C.'s past sort of makes some of her personality make more sense, like her being so sloppy. Still, I suppose her true wish is to simply be loved by someone. True love I mean, rather than the kind she experienced with the Geass. It's almost as simple as wanting to die. I wonder why exactly she chose to stop.

    I have this horrible fear that C.C. will die now though. She's mortal now after all. If her memory returns, my fears will likely only increase. That whole "dying with a smile until the end" makes me think it might end up happening. I have trouble imagining both Lelouch and C.C. both being alive in the end I guess.

    I saw it for the second time last night (the first time was just me and one of my sisters, the second with my dad and other sister). I only wish he had been in the movie more since every moment he was on screen was just great. He'll certainly be remembered for doing such a great job and that performance just makes it more clear how much of a loss it was.

    It looked pretty accurate so far from what I saw of the trailer. The movie is supposed to be quite long though and it seems like Snyder had to keep a few things out. I guess they are considering making an extended edition sort of like with Lord of the Rings. The movie is very intricate with various plotlines going on. If Snyder can get close to the original thing at all it will be an accompishment. He does do something interesting by taking the acutal panels from the comic and replicating them on screen as much as possible.

    It was some interview and it wasn't meant to be quite that positive I suppose. Moore considers it to be unfilmable, which may very well be true though the artist Dave Gibbons says he thinks Snyder will do a good job given how enthusiastic he is about the movie. Alan Moore sort of has the right to be angry I guess, since his work hasn't exactly translated to the screen all that well. Still, I'll go see it and enjoy it as much as I can.
  2. Esper 28
    2008-07-23 11:26
    Esper 28
    I still have to watch it online. I love Dr. Girlfriends moppets. They're awesome.

    Yeah, I have a feeling Lelouch will redeem himself thanks to C.C.'s memory reset.

    I hope their talks go well. I've been told that she's going to get captured by Schneizel soon. I wonder how that will work out.

    I bet the real C.C. will come back. I hope so, at least. But I think this may be a good time to start believing in something between C.C. and Lelouch. I would like to see that develop in the end. Or at the very least, have her end the story happy.

    Maybe it was Charles who killed Marianne, all in the hopes of spurring Lelouch on. I bet Charles has been grooming Lelouch from the beginning or something. That would be hilarious. Well, hilarious in that wrong kind of way.

    I saw the Dark Knight, too. It was fucking great. Heath Ledger who I was super, super skeptical about being the Joker, ended up doing fucking amazing. Absolutely awesome. I think he'll be remembered for that role for years to come. And yeah, I saw Watchmen trailer, too! Shit looked great. It made me really want to read the book, but at the same time, I fear I won't like the movie if I read the book, y'know. But I think I'm going to put my fears aside and treat myself. And do you know where you read that? Alan Moore is so hateful towards these movie adaptations off his work, that I'm surprised he's willing to say anything about them that's in any way positive. But yeah, the trailer totally made the hair on my arm stand up.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-21 12:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry about that, but it was a good one. The best part had to be where Dr. Girlfriends moppets kept asking her what Dr. Venture did to make the Monarch hate him and she kept going on without answering the question. I don't think anyone knows what happened with that.

    Well, he was a bit better this episode I thought. The weird masks did make a few good points though.

    She'll get time next episode at least when she and Lelouch have a talk. We'll have to see how that goes. I could see her wanting to know exactly what happened with Euphemia for one.

    Yeah, I saw it. Feel free to discuss it because I'd love to. I liked it for sure, though I feel sad at the same time. I mean, it's nice and rather sweet how Lelouch wants to fufill her true wish, but that C.C., the C.C. he had come to know, is gone now and it sort of makes it harder to fufill that wish. He's just a stranger to her now and from the looks of thing, she is afraid of him. Unless she somehow remembers him, this is seeming more like a loss than a gain.

    I guess I did, but I can't remember too well. And it seems I may have been and I'm happy about that to some degree.

    Yeah, I thought it might have been V.V. until C.C. goes and says he liked her. I'm just so confused about that now and I have to wonder how this thing with C.C. affects that.

    Oh, and I saw The Dark Knight the other day (which was awesome) and happened to see a trailer for the theatrical version of "Watchmen" though I know you haven't read it. Too soon to tell, but I remember reading that Alan Moore stated that it will probably be as close to a film version as you could get, though of course he wants nothing to do with it. It looked pretty good from the little I saw.
  4. Esper 28
    2008-07-21 11:43
    Esper 28
    I suppose. I missed last night's episode unfortunately. I had wanted to see it.

    Keep faith! Lelouch will get better, I think.

    It was. Cornelia captured my heart in the first season. She was great. She wasn't in episode 15 at all, though!

    Did you see the newest episode? I don't want to comment too much on C.C. until I know you have. I don't want to be a spoiler.

    Dude, anytime someone disagreed with you on your thoughts on C.C. you came down on them with furious anger! Seriously. But I think you were mistaken. Again, I defer to the newest episode.

    And I have no idea who attacked Marianne anymore. Maybe it was the gods?
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-18 11:46
    Dann of Thursday
    I don't try to analyze it much either, but I do notice the theme being present at times. I guess it's just some little thing that might let you get characters more or something.

    Hmm, I suppose all I'm trying to say is that I don't enjoy seeing Lelouch be all ruthless. I'm still getting used to the idea of Charles not being as bad as I thought he was before.

    Yeah, he's apparently a huge fan and was actually encouraging LelouchXCornelia. I think the other VAs and staff were joking about it in commentary or something. You know, I didn't start liking Cornelia more till I re-watched season 1 and then she came back in R2 and it was simply awesome to see her again.

    I'm just sort of confused by the whole thing I suppose. V.V. and Charles apparently had some plan to capture C.C. and such which seems odd to me if she is an ally of theirs, unless V.V. was unaware of certain things. Meh, I just see this leading to very bad things soon enough. At the very least, I'm expecting C.C. to leave Lelouch like everyone thinks she will and join Charles which will of course cause Lelouch to despise C.C. with every fiber of his being.

    Granted, these Gods do seem to be the real enemy now, which still makes me a bit confused as to why Lelouch is making Britannia his main goal still. And since Suzaku is a Knight of Rounds, that sort of means that he will likely end up fighting these Gods and since I can't imagine Lelouch not fighting these Gods it seems like it would mean they would be fighting together, which shouldn't be happening since Taniguchi said they never should. This whole situation is just confusing the hell out of me and I'm even beginning to feel angry about it, especially with all these bad things being revealed about C.C.. The funny thing about this is that it seems like all my thoughts and predictions about C.C. were completely right though I can't seem to recall many people disagreeing with me on those thoughts to be honest. I think most of them agreed with me.

    Anyway, I think V.V. may have been the one to pull the attack on Marianne, which may be a time where he lied to Charles.
  6. Esper 28
    2008-07-18 06:48
    Esper 28
    Oh, yeah, I've read that theme is a failure of the show, for sure. For me, though, Venture Bros. isn't a show I try to deeply analyze for any deeper meaning. But that's not to say that it doesn't warrant some analysis, just nothing too in-depth.

    He's fighting Charles and I've got serious doubt on whether or not Charles is "bad". So, I think you statement about Lelouch being "worse" than those he's fighting could be accurate.

    And I'm glad Lelouch's VA likes Cornelia. There should be more Cornelia love. Someone on these boards said that I think the director's wife loved Cornelia or something. Someone who works on the show and is really important, their wife loves her.

    And I think it makes sense that Charles is the third person C.C. speaks to. I also think to consider it a "conspiracy" is silly. Why not think of it more as a coalition against the gods? That the three of them teamed up in order to defeat these gods? I think it's a noble cause, if I'm interpreting how bad these gods are correctly.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-17 15:37
    Dann of Thursday
    My apologies for doing this twice, but I recently became aware that Charles could possibly be the third person C.C. has been speaking with. He even uses the form of "you" that the third person does according to Koshimizu. The only problem with this is that it pretty much cements the whole conspiracy thing with her and others. Damn.

    I can't go to the CG forum anymore. I always end up feeling terrible whenever I go there nowadays, even if it's just for a few minutes. That C.C. thread is a terrible place to go now I think since all the talk is negative and unfortunately it's probably all going to be right which means all my speculation was right too.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-16 11:39
    Dann of Thursday
    It gets annoying when that happens and you don't realize it till later.

    I'm just going by what the creators themselves have said about the show. It's a weird theme, but it works. Rusty is a failure as a scientist and a father many times, the Monarch keeps failing to kill Rusty (such as the time he made a great entrance was a time where he broke into the wrong place) and through others. It is supposed to be humorous, but it also illustrates a point. And next episode looks like a Monarch one.

    Oh, I know he's far from angelic, but I honestly thought he was doing a bit better like in 11 and such. He's been ruthless before, but I don't recall him ever ordering the massacre of unarmed civilians. Granted, some of them were dangerous like the children, but others seemed rather harmless.

    I've been thinking the same thing myself about him. I suppose, but if Charles and V.V. are right about them being the cause of strife and all that, doesn't that in some ways make them the ones who should succeed? C.C. talking to the Gods makes sense I suppose and it would sort of fit with things. Unfortunately, if they are the cause of strife and the final enemies, that makes her an antagonist in the end which is something I really don't want to see.

    God, I wish I could not care. I mean, this is the only show I'm watching right now where I actually give a damn about pairings and such. I suppose it doesn't, but with the way things are here, you'd think it was extremely important. I like her more than Kallen as well. I've never understood why she is so popular because she never interested me. I didn't even start considering romance in this show until around episode 15. Then I just started looking back on things, but it seems I misinterpreted those scenes and it seems like things are just going to get worse since I highly suspect that C.C. will end up as an antagonist Lelouch will have to finish off. I doubt he'd go near Cornelia, though ironically Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch's VA) is a huge Cornelia fan.

    Pretty much since it's about the only thing that isn't in the movie. Now, that might be a reason to doubt it, but at the same time it sort of fits with what little Del Toro has said about what he would do with a Hellboy 3.
  9. Esper 28
    2008-07-16 05:29
    Esper 28
    Dude, I just did the exact same thing. I completely forgot to read the damn thing. x.x

    I think you may be taking Venture Bros. a little serious. I mean, it's supposed to be funny and the piss-poor fathering by Jonas is supposed to be humorous. In this case, I think it's kind of okay to look at a negative and turn it into a positive. Hence why I say Jonas is awesome, heheh.

    I have to wonder at what point you think Lelouch would be as bad as those he's fighting. Lelouch is far from angelic in his methods. So, really, where's that line?

    I think V.V. was jealous of Marianne. I honestly do. He seems to have a bit of a brother complex or something. I stand firm that the final, final enemy are the gods. Perhaps C.C. is talking to the gods, though? That would be an interesting twist.

    Not a fan? Of C.C. and Lelouch? Eh, in fairness, I'm not a fan of any pairing. I don't care, honestly. The romance aspect of the show holds little to no impact on the actual plot, y'know. I mean, there are characters I'd like to say, "Oh, they'll be a nice couple," but it's not something that really matters. That being said, I like C.C. more than Kallen and I'd very much like to see C.C. and Lelouch get together. Just as long as he keeps his hands off my Cornelia! Heheh.

    So don't bother reading the novelization? Just the epilogue? I'll totally just sit down in the bookstore and read it, no point wasting money! But I'll definitely take your advice.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-15 01:28
    Dann of Thursday
    I keep forgetting to hit that damn "View Conversation" link.

    He was an amazing scientist and such, but he was a failure as a father with all the neglect present. And failure is the theme of this show after all.

    Well, it was seeing her be so sad about everything with the Cult and with the way things were going with Lelouch. And I felt as uncomfortable about killing all those people as some of the Order members were. Many of them weren't any sort of threat at all. I understand Lelouch was very, very angry, but it's not exactly a good thing if he starts acting like this. He might end up no better than those he is fighting if not worse.

    I think he does care about Lelouch and Nunnally now. I think the one who hates them is V.V. and he seems to have a lot of dislike for Marianne as well. It's weird that Charles' goal might be one for the good of the world. Who's the final enemy going to be then? And I'm worried about whoever C.C. was talking to. It seems like they are alive and active from the way she spoke with them.

    I found it. The GIF pretty much detailed the only scenes from season 2. Thanks.

    Yeah, I know. I lose it too often over these things. I just hate the idea that I was being a fool about all this among other reasons. And the reason I want the talk to stop is because I get sick of seeing others shoot down it all and rip it apart. I enjoy seeing people support her and such since it's something that doesn't occur often here. Meh, I just don't see what would have been wrong with it happening and I still don't quite see it barring some revelation that she is related to Lelouch or something. I saw chemistry there. More than I did with anyone else really. Sorry for bothering on this when you aren't even a fan of it or anything.

    I didn't know it until later either and found the info quite interesting. Doug Jones is really quite talented. Sort of like Andy Serkis in Lord of the Rings with his portrayal of Gollum. I loved Pan's Labyrinth from the first time I saw it and I ended up buying the soundtrack since the music was good as well. If you see Hellboy 2, I suggest taking a look at the novelization and skipping to the epilogue at the end. Rather interesting.

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