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Conversation Between Esper 28 and Dann of Thursday
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 03:49
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I do remember that bit. It was pretty funny though with that whole thing. I like how he's expressed distaste with how Rusty does some things like that Venturestein thing. Whatever happened to that guy anyway?

    Hmm, I'm always looking for something good to read. I read "The Killing Joke" recently as well as "Watchmen". I thought both were quite good. The whole BND thing with Spider-Man really screwed up the timeline for the whole series and erased some real emotional moments. And the reasoning behind it was even more idiotic. Not familiar with Thor though I know they are planning on making a movie and that he will appear in the Iron Man sequel in a cameo. They seem to work well together and I've heard good things so far. I'll tell you what I think when I see it.

    That's what bothers me so much. And the info on episodes after 15 make it sound like we're back to trying to defeat Britannia. If these Gods were such a threat, I'd think they would take centerstage after 15. Some info on 14, which seems to be quite reliable, indicates that Cornelia and Zero/Lelouch (not sure which he is here) form a small alliance to take down V.V.. I like her new look by the way.

    I've heard of that show. It's funny, but for the most part I think that show was really about the main character and the main girl with all the other stuff sort of thrown in there. Still....

    The new episode is on right now. Pretty good one I thought. I love Orpheus. Everytime he gets overly dramatic is really a great moment that gets me laughing.

    I got it all on DVD from a friend a few years ago. I love to just watch it for fun sometimes. It's a little silly sometimes with things, but like I read in some reviews of the series, no matter what people say it is as true a Gundam series as any other. I like the music as well. The theme for the Shining Finger is one of my favorites as is the tune going on when Dr. Mikamura dies.

    I'm awaiting the second season of 00 right now. It's not the best, but I thought it got better later on in the first season. I like it more than SEED though.

    I suppose.
  2. Esper 28
    2008-07-12 03:22
    Esper 28
    I just recall the episode Assassinanny 911 (I think I spelt it right). That's the episode when Molotov Cocktease watches the Ventures while Brock goes on a mission to hunt down Hunter, his old mentor. Right before he left, he just gives her a list of things that just sounds so much like he's their mother and about to leave them to go to a PTA meeting or something. It's great! The monthly lice checks!

    Yeah, Bucky's the new Cap. If you're looking for a good comic read, you should definitely consider picking up Captain America. It's one of the best books coming out in the comic industry at the moment. (I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Thor fan, he's my favorite comic character ever...but I wouldn't recommend his book. ) And yeah, man, Brand New Day sucked so hard. Part of the reason why I would never recommend the new Thor book is JMS. He's just awful. Poor Spider-Man. But yeah, I know Mignolia can write a good story, but I think Del Toro's input will make for a better movie. If you see it Sunday, you totally have to write me a brief review! Or at the very least, tell me if it's worth my money. I won't get the time to see it for awhile, if I get to see it in theaters at all. Yeah, you totally have to tell me if it's good.

    I agree that adding a villain that Charles and Lelouch can almost like, unite against is really odd. It just seems like...what's the point of everything else? But I have faith that it won't be that simple. I definitely think Lelouch is smarter than to let that happen. And my poor Cornelia...she'll be fighting against these gods, against Charles, and against Lelouch. I vote that she wins. Oh yeah.

    I remember many years ago, I was really, really big into anime and the first anime series I had ever watched that was like, a harem of girls over one guy was Love Hina. I thought the show was so funny at the time, but now I think back at it and I wonder. I haven't seen it in forever, but----- Venture Bros. commercial. Orpheus is the shit sometimes. Anyway, yeah, Love Hina was all about, "Who is he gonna end up with?" I always enjoyed playing the game in my head where I would go, "Who would I rather be with?"

    And hell yeah, G Gundam was awesome. I'm a die hard UC Gundam fan, but G Gundam was really good. I hate it when other Gundam fans shit all over G Gundam. If only it didn't have "Gundam" in its name, it could be a series that would stand on its own two legs without a problem.

    Yeah, Dann, something will help, but it's important you never forget that fact.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 03:08
    Dann of Thursday
    I was laughing the whole time that thing was playing. Mother? I thought he was more of a father than anything else since their own father isn't much of one. I love when he does that as well. I've also liked how he and the Monarch interact for some reason.

    It's rather new with me as well. So Bucky became the new one? I wasn't really keeping up with things there. I'm pretty sure the only one who we can hope to stay dead is Uncle Ben. Then again, after that terrible "One More Day" storyline in the recent Spiderman comics, I wouldn't put it past them. Comic movies have been getting much better lately. "The Dark Knight" looks to be an awesome movie and the reviews declare it as such. I'm seeing Hellboy 2 Sunday actually. The story was co-written between Del Toro and Hellboy's creator, Mike Mignola. The first movie had flaws, but origin stories can often be tricky to some degree.

    Meh, I don't expect the revelation about Marianne to go well with those two at all. I can't even imagine their interactions being the same after that since he would always know Marianne is there as well. I just see it being more distant than it already was this season. I don't know what these Gods will do to be honest. Something about introducing an enemy that Charles wants to get rid of as well seems a bit odd to me this late in the game. It makes no sense for C.C. to still be alive in the end.

    I hate animes with multiple options to be honest. I always like it more when they have just one girl for the guy or one guy for the girl and you get to watch as things develop over the course of the series. Some say that is boring, but I feel you get a more realistic relationship with such a thing rather than playing some guessing game. Back when I was stupid, I thought they might develop something with Lelouch and C.C. over time. I thought they had good chemistry and things like episode 11 and 25 made me see some emotional connections there with them. Then they dropped everything completely in R2 and I realized I had horribly misread everything back in season 1. G Gundam was a bit of an exception and I do like that series quite a lot for several reasons despite how silly it was in several ways.

    It probably is biological with me considering my parents and such. Meh, maybe something will help.
  4. Esper 28
    2008-07-12 02:38
    Esper 28
    OSI's GI Joe parody was just awesome as fuck. Yeah, in season 2 Brock began showing his mother tendencies for the boys. But I still love when he goes apeshit and just starts slaughtering people. So awesome.

    I read a lot of comics, but it's a fairly new hobby of mine. Why poor Captain America? 'Cause the silly bastard got himself killed? I'm loving Bucky as the new Cap, but the policy in the comic industry is that nobody stays dead. They used to say that nobody but Uncle Ben and Bucky stays dead, but with Bucky being revived, who knows?! And yeah, the comic movies that have been coming out lately have been pretty good. Though back in the day, they had a Nick Fury of SHIELD with David Hasselhoff as the star! And yeah, of course I've heard of Hellboy. I'm looking forward to Hellboy 2. It looks like Del Toro, the director, had a heavy hand in the story's creation. The first Hellboy movie wasn't the best, but with Del Toro's success with Pan's Labyrinth, I think he'll make an awesome Hellboy sequel.

    And I agree with you. I think bad things will happen down the road, but I don't know how much of that will be a direct result of C.C.'s "guidance". I think these gods are eventually going to push back against everyone and that is going to be like hell on Earth...and I don't mean the cold Norse version of Hel, I mean the Christian version where there's fire and brimstone! Also, I think C.C. will end up dead, too, but you shouldn't say it like it's a certainty. It may not happen, we've no way of knowing! in an anime is a strange thing. In truth, I think love in any medium, be it cartoons, movies, novels, or plays, is a really hard thing to express. In CG I don't think they're taking the concept of love to its real meaning. I just think the "relationships" are just tacked onto the story with no real purpose. It's like that for a lot of mech shows. I mean, the only one I can think that handles it much differently is like, G Gundam. I finished watching that show and said, "Okay, Domon and Raine really loved each other." But even there, it wasn't a focal point. I just think that a lot of people on this board get really hung up on who is going to end up being with who and, really, that hasn't been the intention of the show at all.

    And I've known people who've been depressed before and, yeah, you're right. Often times therapy doesn't help and the source of the problem is biological. I hope you do get medication soon and I just want to say that if you do get it soon, don't get disgruntled if your first prescription doesn't cure you. Sometimes finding the right stuff takes awhile and it's a long road to recovery. But I think if you want it, it'll happen for you.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 02:21
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm not sure what I thought of him in the first season, but I know he pretty much became my favorite character during season 2 since he seemed much more human than he was before. The OSI scenes are all pretty good. Especially that ridiculous song.

    I don't read much comic books really (though for some reason I love a lot of comic book movies). I'd agree that he does symbolize that. Poor Captain America. I always liked Batman myself for some reason. I remember that old cartoon series and the JL series and Batman Beyond were shows I had fond memories of. For some reason, I've come to like the character Hellboy. Ever heard of him?

    That all depends really. I'm not entirely sure how much stock to put into what V.V. says though I believe he was being truthful to some degree. It's possible they are noble, but I just see bad things happening. She's going to end up dead at least.

    Feh, whatever. I don't see what screwing has to do with love that much.

    I've been seeing someone, but honestly I don't think it's helping. My parents want to see about medication and I agree about that, but I don't know if it will happen anytime soon.
  6. Esper 28
    2008-07-12 02:11
    Esper 28
    Yeah, Brock really has evolved. But he still knows how to kill with finesse. Every time I see a preview for an episode with OSI and Brock as an Agent, I get giddy. Those scenes are some of my favorites.

    I understand not being a big fan of Supes. I've only recently realized how good stories involving him are. But even if you don't know Supes, it's fair to say that he kind of stands as a symbol of all that is good and just. Similar to say, Captain America.

    Well, in my post, I kind of suggest that her "guidance" could be a good thing. What if she is guiding Lelouch to the final battle against the gods? That could certainly be construed as a good thing, no? Judging by what V.V. said to Cornelia, the gods are trying to incite war amongst the humans. I don't think it's that far fetched to think that C.C.'s actions are actually noble in their intent.

    Yeah, I would say probably a mixture of mother and friend. C.C. and Lelouch are just in different places in the world. However, I don't like getting into all this romantic nonsense. Who really gives a damn who's screwing who, right?

    And seriously, if you honestly have such problems where you're being told by others that you're depressed, you need to seek help. I won't lie, there are times where I think you're just being a "emo" teenager and then there are times where I really think you might need to get some help. I'm just some schmuck on a message board about cartoon shows, but if you're legit with your problems...get help. If you're not legit, than it's really not cool to pretend because there are people with serious legit problems out there. And to say, "I have nothing to look forward to though," makes you sound like a teenage kid who just needs to get laid. But this isn't something to be talked about in an open forum like this. If you need to talk to someone, you can always private message me. I will gladly talk to you about whatever and I'm sincere when I say that, dude.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 01:54
    Dann of Thursday
    I missed the first episode unfortunately, but I've seen every one after that. I love how Brock has evolved from the way he was in season one.

    I'm not that familiar with Superman that much. Never been a big fan of him.

    I haven't seen anything to suggest her "guidence" is in any way a good thing. It just seems like her being selfish to get what she wants.

    Mother probably since everything points to that. She could never be capable of loving him in a romantic sense.

    Oh, I do. My family tells me to knock it off quite often as do people I know in work and such. I have nothing to look forward to though. I stopped believing in things like God, hope and being "positive" long ago.

    That's good I guess, because most of what you said gives a very negative interpretation of C.C..
  8. Esper 28
    2008-07-12 01:48
    Esper 28
    Yeah, dude, Venture Brothers is awesome. Have you been watching the newest season? Pure comedy gold. I'm a Brock fan 4life!

    And, honestly, I think it says more about you than you realize when you immediately equate a manipulator with negativity. Even Superman has been known to manipulate events in order to get the best possible outcome. Surely, you don't think Superman is a bad person, do you?

    The word "manipulate" has taken on a strongly negative connotation, I suppose. I guess I should say that she secretly "guides" Lelouch. I would say that secretly guiding someone and secretly manipulating them are the same thing.

    Also, I disagree about C.C. not caring for Lelouch. I never said she didn't care for him. In fact, I'm of the belief that she does care about him, though whether it is in a lover, mother, sister, or friend capacity, I can't tell.

    To be truthful, I don't just think you ooze negativity about C.C., Dann, I think you simply ooze negativity about damn near everything. I don't mean to be hurtful, but you're just a really big downer, man.

    Oh, and I don't want to forget...lying to myself would insinuate that I don't actually believe what I'm saying, but I can tell you honestly, that I believe everything that I'm saying about C.C.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 01:33
    Dann of Thursday
    For the record, I liked the Venture Bros. reference. But you did prove one of my points with your long post: It's impossible to say anything good about C.C. unless you lie to yourself.

    You think I ooze negativity about her? You agreed with me that she is a manipulator, which makes her a terrible person and likely one who cares little for Lelouch at all beyond him staying alive for her wish.

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