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Conversation Between Keroko and 00-Raiser
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  1. Keroko
    2013-03-30 04:41
    yeah, he erased them completely.
  2. 00-Raiser
    2013-03-29 18:57
    Oh. I didn't see any "This post has been deleted by CrowKenobi" things.
  3. Keroko
    2013-03-29 18:38
    " Wait, who was shipping? We were talking about Zero-G and panties, both integral parts of Vivid! "

    Yuuno was mentioned, this uno kid comes in and starts the usual "at least he's stuck in the library away from my nanofate" gig, following it up with "I hope he gets only an extra scene so we can go back to characters that matter" which triggered some of us into replying that Yuuno damn well matters in this chapter. Uno then started backtracking like crazy and started talking about hayuuno, we pointed out how silly that ship is, he dove on to chronoyuuno, crowkenobi came in and brought down the delete button. Everything yuuno related in the last ten or so posts was deleted.

    TL;DR: Yuuno was mentioned, shipping ensued.
  4. 00-Raiser
    2010-11-13 14:32
    Ah yes, that is Barret's gun. Thanks
  5. Keroko
    2010-11-13 14:21
    "Tsk, I know I've seen that spinning gun thing in your avatar before, but I just can't remember what it's from..."

    I know I'm not vic vic, but... that Final Fantasy VII movie, what's-his-name token black guy's gun.
  6. 00-Raiser
    2010-02-18 12:39
    I find it funny because /mgln/ being so bad is the reason I moved to Animesuki in the first place. So if AS is cancer, what's that say about the place I came to AS to get away from?
  7. Keroko
    2010-02-18 12:35
    "Really, people like that make me want to just give up on that message board. Maybe I should..."

    Their loss, not yours. Though I'm amused at some of them calling Animesuki a 'cancer' even though this is the only place that manga RAWS -be it Force, Movie manga or Vivid- come from.

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