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Conversation Between Keroko and Aaron008R
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  1. Aaron008R
    2009-03-31 07:04
    I see. Take your time.
  2. Aaron008R
    2009-03-31 05:33
    Hey Keroko. ^^

    Just to make sure... Did you receive the PM I sent you the other day?

    (If so, sorry if I'm being pesky. I can't help but feel anxious about it. >< )
  3. Aaron008R
    2009-03-25 08:10
    Alright! Rina Satou it is then!
    Thanks, Keroko. I'll be letting you know what I'm planning about and why do I need to know about the VA's soon. >:3
  4. Aaron008R
    2009-03-25 07:00
    @Keroko: I see.

    Mind if we throw in some suggestions (thought they've already started.XD)?:3

    I nominate...
    Ryō Hirohashi (Fujibayashi Kyou from Clannad)
    Eri Kitamura (Shiranui Akeno from Seto no Hanayome)
    Haruko Momoi (Seto Sun from Seto no Hanayome)
  5. Aaron008R
    2009-03-24 12:47

    *pokes* *pokes*

    Can I ask you which voice actresses you had in mind for Keroko-chan now? As far as I can remember, you used to cast Mika Kanai as her VA. Has this changed now?

    This is really important data that I need to know for my plans. Thanks in advance! ^^
  6. Keroko
    2009-03-24 05:48
    *shrug* Doesn't look like he suffered that much, seeing how he bounced right back. He's a tough kid, he can handle it.
  7. Keroko
    2009-03-20 18:46
    One infraction doesn't ban a person, as nice a guy he is, Comar lacked tact and seems to think that Cadia was supposed to be a place were you didn't use it anyway. The fact that he's banned for a few days (it's his first ban I believe) shows that he's earned more infractions then just here.
  8. Keroko
    2008-07-04 14:22
    Agreeing with Fuyu here, how are we going to get him to post more if you guys are eating him @_@?
  9. Aaron008R
    2008-06-17 13:17
    Not to mention that the Kerokanon Timeline is the most widely-accepted and used Fanon.

    Truly, Keroko (all versions >:3) is one of the most successful people in OC history.
  10. Aaron008R
    2008-05-30 06:31
    We all have stuff to finish. So no need to hurry.:3
    I'm seriously getting drained of juice for writing up more on GenerationS due to schoolwork.;_;

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