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Conversation Between Keroko and Kha
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  1. Kha
    2008-11-02 21:49

    If you are interested, I've finally got my hands on the new Space Marines codex and... Canoness Marina Augusta Calgar, and the rest of the new and improved Adepta Belkarum list. I am on a genderbending crusade a la Strike Witches.
  2. Kha
    2008-10-29 07:28
    It can't be helped I guess...

    Btw, Anita just pointed out that me, Kagerou and you make a love triangle fitting for Happiness!... and I'm very traumatized.
  3. Kha
    2008-10-28 07:03
  4. Kha
    2008-10-27 09:05
    But- but-- It looks moe but-- IT'S A TRAP!!!
  5. Kha
    2008-10-27 07:07
    Not as if the SWverse is immune to that; I've had to completely revamp what I was running on, and I'm still afraid the latest revision might get flamed.

    And I'm starting to think I can tell your moods by looking at your avatar! STOP CHANGING THEM TO MATCH THE POSTS!!!
  6. Keroko
    2008-10-03 11:08
    cheapskate. I'm a book collector though, I can't stand having a digital version of the codexes, I need to have a solid copy that I can read everywhere. I usually read rules while munching on bread before heading off to work and the like.
  7. Keroko
    2008-10-03 07:41
    *looks at growing pile of codexes* Yeah, with the latest addition of the Ork codex I'm one step further to full completion. Now why don't I have an Imperial Guard codex yet?
  8. Kha
    2008-10-02 21:29
    [Keroko]*pokes Kha* join us in the Strike Witches madness, you know you want to. :3[/Keroko]

    *pokes back with this post* >=3
  9. Keroko
    2008-10-02 14:59
    *pokes Kha* join us in the Strike Witches madness, you know you want to. :3
  10. Keroko
    2008-09-17 01:17
    This is your profile page, its impossible to go off-tangent.

    I need to get back to painting... It's probably the part of the hobby I dislike the most (I'm a player, not a constructor). Which is probably why I'm lazy in painting my Tau. Black with white tints are the base, then additional twinks to make up the figure (receptors and barrels) and I'm done.

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