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Conversation Between Keroko and Kagerou
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  1. Kagerou
    2011-07-02 09:43
    I like a series that has the word Railgun in its title

    I've seen some youtube vids of Madoka and honestly... it doesn't look that appealing. My hardest thing right now is that I'm tired of series with too much fanservice or too many moe-moe characters. I've went back and watched my old Gundam VHS (!) tapes just to get away from it lol.

    I'll try to look those up though, thanks
  2. Keroko
    2011-06-29 04:13
    To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun are two shows that I really recommend watching. Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi is a surprisingly fun slice of life anime which kept even me entertained. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls if you want some fanservice and an interesting art style, and Sora no Otoshimono if you want some fanservice, hilarity and a surprisingly intriguing plot.

    ... Oh, and I probably should mention Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, since it's something of the sensation right now. I myself am sort of shrugging at it, but you'll probably be bombarded with recommendations anyway so we might as well get it out of the way. The troll wars with Kaijo about it were fun though.
  3. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 03:43
    Anything interesting coming out? I've been out of touch with the anime community since before the Gurren Movie came out (although I've been keeping track of Evangelion/Rebuild).
  4. Keroko
    2011-06-27 03:17
    Not much interest in Aria myself though. I guess I'll lay low and wait for the next Cadia.
  5. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 02:56
    yeah i've been stalking my friends list and it looks like... hidan no aria? ... is the new fun thing. I know nothing about it D: .

    But whatever. I miss all youse. I've been without internet for a looong time D:
  6. Keroko
    2011-06-27 02:53
    Roaming, writing, starting new Cadia's for other series, currently playing Ar Tonelica 3.
  7. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 02:50
    I missssed youuuuuuuuu~~~~~~
    Wow that sounds gay.. because I've ever cared before.

    So what have you been up to?
  8. Keroko
    2011-06-27 02:49

    Good to see you again.
  9. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 00:28

  10. Kagerou
    2009-03-12 16:44
    Oh god the talking in circles .
    I'm tempted to jump in and help you but haven't decided if you're valiant defense of Common Sense and All That Is Right In The World is strong enough yet.

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