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Conversation Between Estavali and Iggy_Pop
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  1. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-12 21:39
    What are your thoughts about Ryu Terui? I think he is great, one of the most hot blooded rider together with Kuuga and Den-O sword form
  2. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-12 21:16
    Yeah, the movie is quite dissapointing in term of story and consistency. The reason why it was so successful in japan is pretty much because of Gackt and All the rider showing up in the movie. The DoublexDecade movie according to a friend of mine isn't that much better either, with the exception of the awesome Kamen Rider Skull. Oh, and are you quite dissapointed when Kirihiko died in double? I think he could've been a great character
  3. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-12 19:51
    have you watched the Allrider vs Daishocker movie?
    Man, that movie is awesome. I mean Gackt singing the awesome theme song, but he also played Yuki Joji. He's really awesome and so GOOD LOOKING, a real life bishonen. But the greatest moment of the movie is still, THE ALL RIDER KICK!
  4. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-12 02:55
    Hey, you're a fan of Kamen rider too huh? same here
  5. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-11 23:18
    Thanks for the answer. Actually I just finished the series and think the ending's kinda rushed.
  6. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-11 20:34
    Hey, nice to meet you. I sent some question about Ga-rei, do you mind answering it?

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