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Conversation Between bigdave and Cyz
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  1. Cyz
    2009-06-16 20:35
    I know right? It's really been a while indeed. Yes, I read fairly amount of mangas...well actually I do read a lot of them per day.
  2. bigdave
    2009-06-14 00:24
    lol You read a lot of the same manga i do cyz
    how have you been? its been a while ne? :x

    do you have a MAL account? if you do add me :3
  3. Cyz
    2008-08-07 01:14
    While we're at the topic of suggestions, I'm recommending also reading Angel Voice, Double Arts, and It's Love
  4. bigdave
    2008-08-07 00:26
    haha thanks so much Cyz ^^

    I am already reading Ashita no Yoichi =D
    too bad it hasn't updated in awhile =/

    i also reading ayu mayu, cross over
    Ann Cassandra xD

    thanks again for suggestions.
  5. Cyz
    2008-08-03 03:20
    Oh and I forgot Change 123. Read that too
  6. Cyz
    2008-08-02 04:32
    Well let's see, there's Ashita no Yoichi, Akuma To Love Song, Sekirei, Beauty Pop, Ichigo 100%, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Love Monster....and others I'm still trying to remember
  7. bigdave
    2008-08-02 04:18
    Umi no MISAKI!!!!!!!! =O
    I just read this recently, not too bad.

    have any other ones cyz XD
  8. Cyz
    2008-06-04 14:22
    Lol! A fight for Ms. Gin's hard doll hand
  9. bigdave
    2008-06-04 14:14

    u luring Rika in Cyz
    lol, i guess i can't blame ya rika that pic is pretty nice xD

    I think i will go ahead and upload most of my Gin sama albums then ^^
  10. Cyz
    2008-05-27 01:14
    Yo bigdave! Been a while since the last time I saw you

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