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Conversation Between bigdave and SweetHoney
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  1. SweetHoney
    2009-03-30 03:32
    *pokes back* Onii-chan~

    HaiHai!~ ^-^
  2. bigdave
    2009-03-27 15:57

  3. bigdave
    2008-12-07 17:49
    .......*writes on sign, puts it up*

    *bigdave says HI!!!*

  4. bigdave
    2008-11-13 01:10
    Awwwwwwwww :3

    its okay onii chan will protect you ^^
    bunny listens to me as long as i put it back in its cage. :x

    I have been good, lately been tired more.
    i work now and school is stressful =/
  5. SweetHoney
    2008-11-12 02:51
    *puts on moe face* onii-chan!~

    *burrows face into onii-chans chest* I'm scwared Mr. bunny might be lurking in the thread and hurt me when dan isn't there to protect me!! T-T You'll protect me if it happens? Mr. bunny usually listens to onii-chan~

    Soo how has onii-chan been lately??
  6. SweetHoney
    2008-09-04 03:07

    No, you just seem to catch me most the time I'm sick

    CG R2 is wayyy to intresting at the moment I want ep 22 NAO!~
  7. bigdave
    2008-09-04 02:32

    i have been good Sweet imouto, and u get sick a LOT O.o
    and I am just eating up the last episodes for Code Geass R2 O-O
    its just become so good now
  8. SweetHoney
    2008-08-27 05:51
    Not that busy really

    I try to write then I worry about what everyone will think of me and my bad grammar+story

    But sure I'll notify you onii when I'm done with it ^-^ well basically it talks about Gino's background (from novels I've read about him) and the character I made up Ilya Maaza BG. So yeah ^-^;; It'll be awhile before everything like that is revealed though. I'd give you Ilya's details but I think that's only trival and not worth it

    How I've been? I've been good, just the las 2 days been a bit ill with a sore throat and other stuff But I'll be fine =D So how has my onii been then?

    & Yes the CG season has gone quick, wayy to quick for my liking T-T I need more Gino & Anya~
  9. bigdave
    2008-08-26 03:23
    lol i see u busy with fanfic imouto =3

    I might check it out since it tells about gino's and others backgrounds xD
    so how have you been?

    not sick? like last time? D:
    well see ya around Imouto

    oh and season is going by quick, for code geass =O
    so many things happened D:?
  10. SweetHoney
    2008-08-12 02:56
    Onii~ /hugs

    I've been great!! ^-^ been a bit ill but I'll live

    As for the partner thing I figured it was rika

    I rather do things myself then collab, besides no one does even like to do collabs with me. But think I know some one who might ^-^

    Anyway onii~ How have you been lately?

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