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Conversation Between bigdave and Marina
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  1. Marina
    2008-12-23 08:21
    hey you, left you a xmas siggie on my thread
  2. Marina
    2008-06-14 00:03
    Yeah, I finally finished ttgl, and the ep. was amazing like you said. Of course there are silly and far-fetched parts, but that's just what type of show it is and it's the feelings that go great for me. Not a favorite, but it didn't disappoint ^_^ Onto Higurashi!
  3. bigdave
    2008-06-13 15:57
    u must watch the end episode of TTGL Marina! ~
    its just too epic to ignore o.o;;

    and that piano tune is so catchy D:

    also like Dan says don't be all serious about it cuz some parts are just too unreal or silly to be comprehended
  4. Marina
    2008-06-11 01:00
    bigdave reading ecchi manga *GASP!* Say it isn't so! Finished seasons 1 and 2 of RM, just need to get into overture~
  5. Marina
    2008-06-06 20:42
    Sooo, I finished watching Rozen Maiden ^_^ Just started 2nd season. I loved it just like you said I would~
  6. bigdave
    2008-05-30 14:39
    Ooo Marina graduating? Congratz den =O

    and i say to u go watch Rozen maiden NAO xD
  7. Marina
    2008-05-27 04:43
    Mmmm, it's avatars like yours and Deathie's that make me want to watch rozen's on a waiting list! Thanks for the invite dave ^_^

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