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Conversation Between bigdave and Izayoi
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  1. Izayoi
    2008-08-19 18:16
  2. bigdave
    2008-08-18 13:38
    You changed your name D:

    if i didn't see that thread i would have been clueless on who you were =O
    so why Izayoi?

    well as long as i know xD
  3. Izayoi
    2008-07-08 23:53
    Right, will try.
  4. bigdave
    2008-07-07 23:49
    heheh lol add ur Touhou collections setsi to the clubs =O

    some of them are cool. ^__^
  5. Izayoi
    2008-05-29 00:09
    What do you mean by actual pic? Her name is Nitori, so I am sure you can find quite some info about her; Using danbooru or something. Good quality version of the flash for screenshots.
  6. bigdave
    2008-05-28 15:43
    Setsi I mean this cucumber girl.
  7. Izayoi
    2008-05-27 11:22
    Cucumber Girl? Nitori? No it was Udon Girl. Not sure what you asking for but I do have the bigger version for most of my avatars.
  8. bigdave
    2008-05-26 23:51
    harlo Setsi =D

    btw do u remember that one avy u used before?
    it was that cucumber girl right? do u have an actual pic of it or what did u do?

    well cya around setsi ;D

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