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Conversation Between Demi. and 00-Raiser
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  1. Demi.
    2012-03-13 13:13
    Well, Ririchiyou is an adorable and entertaining character. But eh, depose is a strong word. There is a reason why I opted to keep the signature as Fate.
    ...Although I do want to change that to a different Fate sig, I've had it forever.
  2. 00-Raiser
    2012-03-13 06:49
    Wow, Fate has been deposed? Now I won't be able to instantly recognise that a post is yours
  3. 00-Raiser
    2011-09-30 17:43
    Being told one thing and actually knowing it are different. Still a friend is different from a mother, so at least with Lindy she should have some reservations.

    Of course it's possible it happened between seasons, in which case it sure would have been nice to have seen it.
  4. Demi.
    2011-09-30 13:22
    Nanoha spent the whole series trying to become friends with Fate...And then she made it blatantly clear during the bridge scene that being friends had no strings attached. The problem here, is Lindy and Nanoha never gave orders for Fate to do anything. I find it very hard to believe that Fate would say no to one of their requests (but Lindy or Nanoha never even hinted at her doing something wrong, regardless) if the opportunity arrived, though. And Fate did have several months on the Asura to learn she's not just someone's slave. And she did have she kind of had an idea that not everyone was like Precia.

    I don't mind the movie manga's portrayal, either...But Fate refused to become friends until after their battle in both the series and the manga...It's just that the movie manga had the battle after Precia's death. But I think the battle is what woke her up in both instances.

    ...Anyways, It's only natural for me to defend this. But at least you're being reasonable.
  5. 00-Raiser
    2011-09-30 08:49
    Eh, her 'dependancy' on Nanoha isn't shown very explicitly. Fate lived literally all of her life trying to please Precia so I think she should have transfered that over to Lindy or Nanoha because at that point that's the only way she knew how to live. I think she should have focused on doing whatever Lindy/Nanoha wanted her to do, cringing in fear of being hated if either of them suggested she did something she shouldn't have, and being a bit lost when asked to do something for herself.

    Old habits die hard so it would take awhile before she got used to the idea that life is more than devoting herself to one person and that no one else will treat her the way Precia did.

    I don't have that big a problem with how it was actually portrayed. It's not a deal breaker for me but I think the change should have been more gradual than it was.

    Like I said, I think the movie manga did it better. Fate's entire sense of self was based on Precia's approval. When Precia denounced her, Fate lost all her self worth. She was resistant to becoming friends with Nanoha afterwards because she didn't think she deserved it. So Nanoha had to give her a good blasting
  6. Demi.
    2011-09-30 00:28
    mm, well I see Fate in a different light. I thought she had a strong dependency on Nanoha. Much like how Fate had a devotion to her mother, I feel she has a similar devotion to Nanoha. It's just that Nanoha treats her with equality. The sound stages make this most apparent as she is always fawning over Nanoha and wanting to be by her side. I believe in the A's manga, she also opted to go home with Nanoha rather than play with her new friends. Minds kinda hazy on that one, though.

    I'm not really sure what you're expecting. For her to shiver in a corner when Nanoha or Lindy is not around? Fate may have done everything she could for Precia...but Precia has never done anything for her. With that said, I don't think it was so much Fate depending on Precia, as it was Fate loving Precia to a degree where everything else is of secondary importance. Fate also said some pretty warped stuff (one of the sound stages) trying to condone the way Precia treated her to Lindy.

    Fate lived alone with Arf more or less, and only visits Precia for the sake of returning Jewel Seeds. She has every reason to be one of the more independent characters, as she was never given anything to depend on until Nanoha showed up. There was Linith, but that was momentary, and Precia was already intentionally avoiding her by then.

    wahh, I tend to rant when it revolves around this subject. Well, that's how I see things, anyways. ;-;
  7. 00-Raiser
    2011-09-29 21:53
    Fate had a heavily dependant personality, though. That she gained independance so quickly, especially at her age, feels far too unnatural. I think she should have shifted that dependancy onto either Nanoha or Lindy to make it more believable.

    I think the movie 1st manga handled it better.
  8. 00-Raiser
    2010-09-18 00:15
    They could just ask people what the content is The main thing is that they can't be sure that I'm not giving adult stuff to minors, so it's best to not allow it completely. A valid point, since I have no clue if I'm giving stuff to minors either
  9. Demi.
    2010-09-18 00:12
    I guess it's the difference between an anime where it's blatantly straight, and an anime is left up to interpretation.

    They can't give you a warning for something that can't be proven, right?
    It's not liek non-H romance doujin don't exist.
  10. 00-Raiser
    2010-09-18 00:07
    Well, it was on the hentai board which is for straight stuff, so there shouldn't have been a problem, but...

    Eh... but it would in all likelyhood be adult content, so I think the mods can put two and two together...

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