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Conversation Between Demi. and Ruby Princess
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  1. Demi.
    2013-03-27 17:36
    Sorry for ignoring you. :3

    The A's movie thread is just really bothersome at the moment.
  2. Demi.
    2012-06-13 14:47
    Actually I'm friends with Archon_Wing, and saw your post on his wall. :3

    Change your Animesuki nick? Don't remember it being what you currently have.
  3. Ruby Princess
    2012-06-13 14:10
    Ruby Princess
    You stumbled into my profile again. :3 Hi Demi-kun.
  4. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 22:34
    Ruby Princess
    No, those answers are great. ^^ I'm going to be busy on Wednesday and Thursday, so I was running out of time since tomorrow's my last 'free' day before the project is due. Thank you. *huggles*
  5. Demi.
    2012-04-02 22:31
    Wish granted. Not sure how much depth you wanted with each question, but I did say I was going to half-ass it, so... :3
  6. Demi.
    2012-04-02 22:08
    Huh, what did Fate ever do to be hated? I know some people who are not a fan of her personality, but none of them hate her. She's really sweet, so I don't quite understand why any of your friends would wish death on her.

    ...Unless they're typical loli haters, going by that one persons StrikerS response.

    ...As for your PM. I'll see what I can do, but I'll half ass it if you really want me to do it.
  7. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 20:20
    Ruby Princess
    And I'm so sorry to bother you, but could you perhaps reply to the PM I sent you? The project is due on Thursday, and I only got four responses. I'm sorry... ^^;
  8. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 20:13
    Ruby Princess
    Hi there Mr. Demi! You like Fate-chan too? That's so cool... she is such a kind and adorable girl. I watched Nanoha with my irl friends and none of them liked her... one said he wishes Precia killed her in the first series >.< and another said he does not like her until Strikers once she acquires boobs -.-. I am glad Animesuki has better taste.
  9. Demi.
    2012-03-24 22:34
    No, sorry, it does not. Demi. is just some random name I came up with on a whim. I suppose I was thinking of a DemiGod at the time.

    But sure, see you in the club. :3
  10. Ruby Princess
    2012-03-24 22:09
    Ruby Princess
    Hey ^^ I was wondering if your username comes from this Demi?

    I love Phantasy Star IV! I always wanted to look like Demi as a little girl, but the not being a robot thing got in the way, lol. See ya in the anime book club!

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