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Conversation Between Demi. and Last Sinner
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  1. Demi.
    2009-11-05 22:11
    Well, after seeing "Elfen Lied" on there, I can say with confidence that violence clearly wasn't what lead you to dislike Bakemono, Speed Grapher and Baccano, lol.
  2. Last Sinner
    2009-11-05 21:47
    Last Sinner
    What I'm into is best described in the 'About Me' section of my profile and this profile and review list.
  3. Demi.
    2009-11-05 15:23
    I guess, except with me, the more I get trolled with "I'm right, you're wrong" the more I feel the need to post. Though It's usually always how it ends, only TeamRocketElite(TRE for short) seems to debate with me without resorting to gimmick three word posts that don't even make any sense. Wontaek too, but we pretty much agree on nothing, so I rather not debate with my polar opposite. I do remember uis comments on Saki after you questioned It's popularity on ISML...He certainly blew up unexpected. His taste in anime can be strange, I honestly think he has a attraction to unpopular character, because his favorite list is ever-changing, and they're always geared towards shows most people never even heard of. If you checked his favorite list on you would see that. As for arguments over certain series, and characters you like...I try to avoid that because it just ends up getting in my nerves, since I'm usually arguing with some one spouting nonsense without any valid reasons. But It's always good to defend your favorite - C.C. for you, Fate for me.

    Yeah, I loved the assertive Fate in A's. I especially loved how she portrayed pure-badassery while in her barrier jacket form, and then she was so shy and easily flustered in her every day clothing, or school uniform especially. Fate and Nanoha have a cute relationship, I'm still praying they make a highschool Ova, or something...The episode where Hayate turns into the book of darkness, so that means you havn't watched the Fate dream sequence episode yet? That's one of my favorite parts, and It's done so well. StrikerS is worse imo, but some people seem to love it, so It's all preferance I guess. I only enjoyed it for the obvious reasons, but A's was definitely better.

    Hm, I'm interested to know what type of series interest you now. Personally, Bakemono and Baccano were both enjoyable for me, but I have no preferance to genre, so any is fine. Considering you mentioned Speed Grapher, Baccano and probably are not a fan of excessive violence, right? Speed Grapher and baccano were especially violent, but Bakemono had It's moments with that sadistic Hitagi...That's fine, atleast you gave each series a episode worth of chance, that's more than I can say for most people. Although three episodes will tell you more on if a series is worth sticking to. Sometimes first episodes can give off a bad first impression, but the series can improve considerably later. I actually havn't started Kimi ni Todoke yet, but I probably will after I finish up a few things I'm already watching. I'm not a fan of excessive ecchi either, although I'll rarely find it okay if I want a anime where I dont feel like thinking, and one of the girls is incredibly cute and the fanservice is done appealing. But most of the times, the girls don't feel that attractive, and I've no interest in seeing whats underneath the skirts. >.>

    I enjoyed Eden, but the ending was crap~
    And yeah, Spice and Wolf is a nice series. Relaxing too.
  4. Last Sinner
    2009-11-05 12:34
    Last Sinner
    Well, I think as Khold once said to me in a PM after I riled a lot of people accidentally, the ISML thread isn't quite the place for serious discussion, unfortunately. Yet trolls like LazyCanuck and Overfunk are tolerated. *shrug* And I don't think you're what your ahters like to call you. I have the same problem with that clown called uis - every time I've asked why something like Saki is popular in J-Saimoe despite weak sales or to properly explain why Bakemonogatari is popular, he goes into 'I'm right, you're wrong' mode and cries like a little baby. Put those three on ignore along with a few others. Ever since I had a two week long argument with Var over Code Geass, particularly about C.C., which got me rep and support and caused him to slander women in general and go into 'I'm right, you're wrong mode' as well as flaming anyone who dared oppose him, whichc caused him to be banned - I decided I'm no longer in the mood to fire back at trolls. Not worth the time.

    In several instances in As, I got the feeling that Fate was suddenly taking the lead in the relationship with Nanoha, as in she was being the protective one. The moment where Nanoha is getting creamed by Vita in episode 2, Fate coming in all tough and giving the 'Don't mess with me' vibe - I suddenly heard Good Charlotte in my head singing 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' and I was just loving it. At present, I've only watched up to the point where Hayate is possessed by the Book of Darkness. Need to finish it and move on to StrikerS at some point, although I hear a lot that Strikers wasn't as good as it should have been. Kind of sounds like what happened to Minami-ke after the first series.

    Yeah, October is more of a case of 'what I'm not watching'. I've tried nearly every series and only been able to stick with Kimi ni Todoke. I lost the ability to see something I don't like all the way through after I was stupid enough to watch all of Speed Grapher. Last year, Baccano made me so angry I had to give it up because it evoked such hate and violence in me, it was getting to toxic/dangerous levels. This year, Bakemonogatari did it to me in less than 2 episodes what Baccano took 5 episodes to do. 11eyes - Art showed me the game version. It's actually decent in game form - how they managed to turn it into the over-ecchified, boring crap it is in anime form, I have no idea...Sacred Blacksmith is getting all its popularity with the promise of Cecile nudity and Lisa doing things to her. I'm getting the feeling it's trying to imitate Railgun and the Mikoto-Kuroko relationship somewhat, although I haven;t even touched Railgun and am too scared to.

    Love the :3. Reminds me of Haruka from Minami-ke - *blush*

    I've been fairly let down by 2009 to be honest. Eden of the East wasn't the spectacle I thought it should have been. Canaan was something I thought would be an awesome action series, as did my peers, only for us to be shattered by where it meandered to. Only things I've liked this year are Kimi ni Todoke, Aoi Hana, Spice and Wolf 2 and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.
  5. Demi.
    2009-11-05 03:18
    Hey there. :3

    Really? Well apparently my rants don't piss everyone off, but there always seems to be some one who get's offensive. I don't even understand why, as nothing I ever say is really directed towards anyone. Then again, perhaps I'm a little too serious in ISML, but analyizing is what I do...And I think I've found enough circumstantial evidence to make my arguements reasonable enough. Of course, the debates usually fizzle to nothingness after I get called a Fate faggot that's just making excuses. I have to say, that's pretty low, but it happens more often than not.

    Just recently watched A's? I thought you were already caught up and awaiting the movie release, hah. Yeah, A's is pretty much where Fate gained most of her popularity. The first season Fate is great in her own right, but watching her progress and look toward to future, rather than brooding over the past was definitely a treat to see. You could see how dynamic she was from comparing her first season self, to her A's...Of course all the blushing at all the right moments certainly helped the moe factor.(+the dream sequence near the end)...And StrikerS Fate has her charm too. Anyways...I could write a article about this, so I'll stop that right now.

    As for series I've been watching, well, It's more "what havn't I watched" - This season is bland though, I admit. Fairy Tale was my most anticipated series for this season, and It's partially lived up to my expectations, but It's coming off as a bit childish, when the manga never portrayed it that way. Kampfer, and 11Eyes are...disappointing to say the least, but I never drop a series, so I'll hopefully have a better impression of them by the end. Blacksmith might have more potential, but I can't help but feel It's going to regress into a typical rpg-themed anime, and they never end on a good note...Luckily, I have ongoing series like Gintama to keep me excited, as It's pure concentrated awesome.
  6. Last Sinner
    2009-11-03 11:39
    Last Sinner
    Hey man, just thought I'd see how you're doing after I saw your post with Full Metal Coast.

    I don't have a problem with you getting into a deeper post. I don't see much of it and I like to see someone who is willing to provide a substantial argument rather than yell 'I'm automatically right! Screw anyone who disagrees!' So kudos to you for that, even if it ruffles some people sometimes. Being like that myself, I know how it feels.

    And yes, Fate is definitely awesome. Finally been able to get myself to watch the As series. Seeing a more independent, confident Fate has been a treat. But she definitely hasn't lost any of her appeal.

    You been watching anything from the October season? Aside from Kimi ni Todoke, I've been rather let down by this season.

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