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Conversation Between Demi. and RadiantBeam
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  1. RadiantBeam
    2010-12-08 20:00
    Ah, gotcha. Thanks!
  2. Demi.
    2010-12-08 19:54
    It's up to chapter 12 or 13. It hasn't been fully translated yet, though. Since the manga isn't fully released yet.
  3. RadiantBeam
    2010-12-08 11:03
    Hey, just a question, has the movie manga for Nanoha been fully translated? I never finished reading it.
  4. RadiantBeam
    2010-06-18 21:28
    Yeah, just figured I'd say something about it since it's been so quiet lately and we both like it that way.
  5. Demi.
    2010-06-17 23:02
    I'm sure he will, since he was the brunt of who I debated with a little while back...I'll just try to avoid it, since it ruins my mood anyways.
  6. RadiantBeam
    2010-06-17 22:56
    I suppose we both have gotten far too used to the quiet, eh?

    Also, I make no promises on Kaijo; I fell out with him some time back, so if he continues the debate, that's not on me and I'm not involved in any way. ^^;;;;;;;
  7. Demi.
    2010-06-17 22:52
    I guess we had the same opinion there, since I mentioned in my reply that I've no interest in starting a debate myself. lol
  8. RadiantBeam
    2010-06-17 22:16
    Before we start another debate, I'm acknowleding that you're right. ^^;;;;;; I'm just also throwing in my own thoughts on the movie.
  9. RadiantBeam
    2010-06-14 18:55
    I've been told I'm a fast typer.
  10. Demi.
    2010-06-14 18:54
    You sure are quick to comment. Then again, I guess so am I.

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