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Conversation Between hirahira and Eczema
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  1. Eczema
    2008-10-30 12:05
    Woops, got u confused with Mega-Japan, who also has a pink avatar.
  2. hirahira
    2008-10-30 11:42
    She keeps getting banned for flaming.

    Who said that I got banned? I don't remember ever getting banned from this forum. the only forum I have been banned from is BleachExile and that was on purpose
  3. Eczema
    2008-10-30 11:25
    Why does she keep getting banned?

    I also heard you got banned before as well. May I ask why?
  4. hirahira
    2008-10-30 11:18
    Most of them, I've only talked to once. BleachOD is the only one I know and she keeps getting banned
  5. Eczema
    2008-10-30 11:09
    Your profile page seems pretty active. Everyone who posted below me can be considered a friend I think.
  6. hirahira
    2008-10-30 11:07
    hmm...that's a good idea. Though I'm not as big of a Hina fan as they are
  7. Eczema
    2008-10-30 11:04
    Haha, I'm sure if you simply request to be friends with most people here, they'll accept without much thought. All those Hina fans in the Saimoe topic would be a good start.
  8. hirahira
    2008-10-30 10:58
    Your welcome

    You are my only friend on this forum. it seems weird to have a friend here
  9. Eczema
    2008-10-29 23:40
    Thanks for the cookie hira.

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