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Conversation Between Manji Midou and Shiroth
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  1. Manji Midou
    2010-06-05 06:30
    Manji Midou
    oy, l see them. off l go to read them o.o/)
  2. Shiroth
    2010-06-05 06:19
    Go check on mangaupdates. They still should be up there.
  3. Manji Midou
    2010-06-05 06:18
    Manji Midou
    l can't find them...
  4. Shiroth
    2010-06-01 03:25
    I ended up reading them, and they're not bad translations. Might as well do it. :3
  5. Manji Midou
    2010-06-01 01:29
    Manji Midou
    Probably will, even though the past two chapter's focus seems to have gone away a bit from sumi and focused more on her club members. l must find out what was said in ch 34 and 35 since those where very kazama and sumi driven chapters.
  6. Shiroth
    2010-05-29 16:52
    Gonna read the 4chan translated chapters?
  7. Manji Midou
    2010-04-26 18:14
    Manji Midou
    3.30 update bricked mah ps3!!!!
    god damn it >_<
  8. Manji Midou
    2010-01-31 19:16
    Manji Midou
    you said it...the conclusion has to be very epic, hopefully at the end of the chapter sumi comes clean and confesses she likes girls as well.....very unlikely but it would be nice. l'm pretty sure Mayu will have a big impact on the outcome of the next chapter...
  9. Shiroth
    2010-01-31 16:56
    Yeah, chapters 27 and 28 really brought on the drama. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about the conclusion to this little part of the story. & yeah it really needs a second season. Like i said a large number of times in the anime thread, i'd love to see the more serious drama animated.
  10. Manji Midou
    2010-01-31 15:48
    Manji Midou

    Well at least the sasameki koto manga has kept my yuri fix in check. my god chapter 27&28 almost broke my heart..... sasameki koto deserves a season 2 as soon as possible!

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