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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and LonelyGirl
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2011-03-13 07:56
    Took months. 1 hour or more studying each day.
    Used a lot of office yellowpads doing practice writing.

    The gym that I go to is Slimmer's World, located at the basement of SM City Mall (North Edsa branch). There's even a health food shop near the gym, which sells "healthy" chocolates, costs a lot to buy from that shop though. So I only buy from the shop when there's plenty of extra cash. I agree that window shopping is fun, and it actually helps because during the actual shopping I already have an idea on what to look for.

    It could be lonely living by yourself, how about asking one of your close friends (someone you can trust) to keep you company?

    I don't buy fresh Tuna because I can't handle the smell. But canned Tuna is fine for me, tasty without the offensive smell. I eat it with rice and lemon iced tea on the side.

    About my age, currently 29. Listened to the Beatles before entering my teenage years, and that was a long time ago. Cassetes are the source of music at that time.
  2. Liddo-kun
    2011-03-06 07:49
    Have been studying it for months now. Basically, I can introduce myself, point out places and persons, describe them (to a limited extent). Also got Hiragana and Katakana fully memorized. Yes, one day off only. Gym membership is necessary because I don't have my bike anymore (sold it). Anyway, the gym that I go to is located inside a mall, so my day off is half spent window shopping and then doing a bit of socializing at the gym afterwards. Money is something you'll have plenty of when you get a job, and since you live by alone you have the money all to yourself (which is probably a good thing ). Agreed on the unhealthiness of fast food. I mostly eat home cook meals and open a can of Tuna if I don't have time to cook. Would only drink coke if I'm a visitor at a house and given coke, since it's rude to refuse food offered by the host.

    You write songs too? Cool. And Beatles is a band that I listened to a lot when I was younger. Would bring a cassette and stereo to listen to them almost wherever I went (did it many years ago).
  3. LonelyGirl
    2011-03-03 22:52
    Wow, you barley have free time. I hope you at least enjoy your job. How well are you at speaking Japanese? I myself can only say a few words here and there and I can make out a few sentences but hardly anything. One day off and at the gym huh. I try to eat relatively healthy so I don't have to go to the gym. I live by myself so I don't have much money but I never eat fast food just because how unhealthy it is for you.

    I generally sing ballad type songs or pop songs if I have more people with me. A lot of the songs that I sing are either written by myself or they are Beatles songs. I don't have enough talent to sing the Japanese songs I like
  4. Liddo-kun
    2011-03-03 07:51
    Hobbies? Let's see.. I have work 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week. So there's not much room for personal hobbies. But I do bring a japanese textbook and a conversation guide to work (let's just say that I'm in a position to do that), I practice writing and speaking japanese during spare time at work. And the lone day off that I have each week is almost always spent at the gym, because I'm a fitness freak (don't want to get fat >.>). ^

    I'll pm you one link, so you can see how Nana Mizuki sings. Btw, you're the second person I've met who loves singing. What kinds of songs do you like to sing? My other friend likes singing mostly japanese songs, and she likes cosplaying too.
  5. LonelyGirl
    2011-03-02 22:04
    Do you have any hobbies of your own, like drawing or writing or something?
    Guitar is cool and yeah it is fun to play to all of your frineds

    I do enjoy Nana Mizuki as an actor but I haven't seen listened to her as a singer, I should take a look. And I'm not really in league with western anime singers.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2011-03-01 23:42
    Well, we're already friends. It's nice to meet you.
    Music? You like playing the guitar, right? I think that's a good hobby. Your companions would hardly get bored when you're around.

    I'm a fan of several japanese singers Horie Yui, Nana Mizuki, Riya, just to name a few.
    On western singers for anime, I'm a fan of Emily Bindiger (really like her) and Catherine St-Onge.
  7. LonelyGirl
    2011-03-01 22:45
    Thanks Music is my passion and I would do anything for it.
    And thank you again for the warm welcome, I hope we can be friends
  8. Liddo-kun
    2011-03-01 22:21
    Hi. I really liked what you said in the "Ideal Heaven?" thread. Not minding where you end up, as long as have free will and can do all the things you like to do.

    Anyway, I notice that you're new here. Welcome to the forums.

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