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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Palsa-San
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  1. Palsa-San
    2016-10-20 21:26
    Hey, I just thought I should mention that Sentai Filmworks is having cosplay competition, I know that a lot of your friends have cosplayed as characters from Sentia shows (K-on, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!, Beyond the Boundary, are a couple that come to mind).
    The entry deadline is the 23rd of October, here is the link to the page:
    I actually entered in Sentai's Thanksgiving contest last year, though I didn't win, I was selected among 9 finalists, so I think it's worth a shot.
  2. Palsa-San
    2016-10-19 22:35
    Regarding the space around the monitor.
    When I got my last computer back in 2006, there were a lot of work files on my old 1998 PC that I still needed, but never got around to transferring. I also wanted a little extra elbow room, so I used an actual table (like what might be used in a small kitchen's dinning room) instead of a work desk. I had actually kept the 98 PC underneath the table with it's massive boxed monitor on the table, right next to my flat screen.
    As I no longer needed the 98 PC, I just put it in the attic, and as I mentioned earlier, I reloaded the 06 PC, which is now being used as an auxiliary computer.
  3. Palsa-San
    2016-10-18 17:52
    I'm glad you like it! ^_^
    And don't feel that you have to watch all of them, I was just wanting to point out the number of things wrong with her, and at that I had to keep it abridged.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2016-10-18 07:12
    And that's a nice layout for your comp. By looking at the pic, looks like things are working just fine.

    I like how there's plenty of space for the arms to move around while using the mouse.
  5. Liddo-kun
    2016-10-18 06:02
    AMAZING!!! work. That's all I have to say to describe it. Even if you don't play mtg, you got the essence of it. ^_^

    Ah, and sorry for not yet reply to the pm. There's a lot of info from the videos for me to digest.. but one video in particular I found very.. appaling... will reply in detail at pm tom. @_@
  6. Palsa-San
    2016-10-17 23:49
    Spoiler for Signature:

    Sorry it took me so long.
  7. Palsa-San
    2016-10-16 20:13
    Please excuse the glare and pixelation, someone messed with my camera's settings, and I haven't figured out how to fix it.
    Spoiler for Computer setup:

    I used to have a smaller screen (though it was one of the older and bigger cube shaped monitors), and it was on it's death bed, so I replaced it with a 19" screen. My parent's monitor was also in bad condition, so we went to the store to buy another 19". However, it turned out that the truck transporting them to the store had jackknifed on the interstate, and while the monitors it was shipping were not harmed by this, the store was selling them at half the price, so we ended up buying a 22" monitor instead, which went to my PC.
    I had to build a new computer primary because it was running out of space and getting old, but I reinstalled Vista from scratch on my old computer, so that my dad could have one to use (my mom spends a lot of time on the family PC ).
    But we only had 2 screens that worked properly, so we ordered a new 22" monitor, which I'm using now, my old 22" went to the family room and the 19" went to the older PC.
    Overall, I've spent more money on electronics this year than I've ever done in my life.
  8. Liddo-kun
    2016-10-16 02:29
    Nice. Those are even bigger than my old 19 inch monitor. ^^
    Here's my monitor, picture taken today. The small teddy bear at the side was given by Karen for goodluck.




  9. Palsa-San
    2016-10-15 20:42
    No, it's for my parents computer, they're both about 21-22 or something inches.
    I'm actually considering getting a second smaller monitor that I can mount on it's side for the future though.

    Spoiler for Regarding politics:

    K, the day went a bit slow, so it will probably have to be tomorrow.
  10. Liddo-kun
    2016-10-15 06:49
    No need to rush on the sigs, and sorry for late reply. Sales for this month of october aren't going well. October is the time for college enrollment, so fewer people go to our clinic. And there's also some political instability here in our country, prices of basic commodities are rising. =_=

    Wow, nice. So you have an extra monitor. How wide is it? Right now.. I'm just using a BENQ 17 inch flat screen. Planning to someday upgrade it into a 19 inch.

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