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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Palsa-San
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2017-05-09 07:37
    Nicely done. The mod that you did is using placing Yura clothes on the DOA character?
  2. Palsa-San
    2017-05-09 06:27
    I just finished a character mod for DOA, you were asking if I could share a video link:
  3. Palsa-San
    2017-04-30 13:22
    Glad you like it!
  4. Liddo-kun
    2017-04-30 04:42
    And you're not delayed at all. Very early actually, because it will still take some more weeks for my cards to arrive. xD

    Hmm, and I appreciate on your anime recommendations. Many of them are good.
    On my watchlist now... I only discovered some of them because you recommended...

    Clockwork Planet
    Twin Angel Break
    Hinako Note
    Trinity Seven
    Eromanga Sensei

    ------- still not had a chance to get an mp4 of Shirobako. My net is going slow right now. =_=
  5. Liddo-kun
    2017-04-30 04:09
    Awesome. The color balance and positioning of things is just right.

    Sorry too for being silent for so long. I had a bad cough and fever because of the summer heat. I'm weak to heat. +___+
  6. Palsa-San
    2017-04-29 16:38
    Sorry for the delay, how does this look?:

  7. Liddo-kun
    2017-04-20 17:57
    It's fine. Am just gonna get an mp4 version. Mp4 can be perfectly converted by my converter. It was my mistake to get an mkv, because mkv is hit or miss with the program that I'm using.
  8. Palsa-San
    2017-04-20 16:42
    Have you tried VLC media player? It can convert most formats, though the process is a bit tricky.
  9. Liddo-kun
    2017-04-20 06:05
    Unfortunately, I had to repeat getting Shirobako. It's because the episodes I've acquired were not compatible with my converter. Will send you a vm when I'm starting to watch it.
  10. Palsa-San
    2017-04-17 18:36
    Glad you liked it.
    Have you started Shirobako yet? It gets better as it goes, especially the second part.

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