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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Palsa-San
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-22 02:09
    Happy birthday friend. I hope you have a nice birthday over there. ^___^

  2. Palsa-San
    2017-01-09 20:32
    Sounds cool, I suggest sticking to the basic recipe for the first time making it, that way you can get a good understanding of how it tastes.
    It's very easy to overdo the spices and optional ingredients if your not careful.
    Regarding alcohol (rum, whiskey, etc), I suggest leaving it out of the main beverage and adding it per cup if you do, that way you can gauge the amount for each person.
  3. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-09 06:49
    Oh, and we made one mistake with the costume.. We forgot that the gray thigh high stockings are supposed to be above the knee, Karen put it below the knee so the stockings got lost inside the boots. Oh, well... we'll get it right next time. xD
  4. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-09 06:47
    That's not a commonly heard Christmas song here. But I did hear it a few times years ago.. it's a good tune. "Here we come a caroling" ^_^

    Makes me excited to try making the wassail. Will pm you once we've drinked it. I'll just wait for Karen.. she's coming again next Sunday.
  5. Palsa-San
    2017-01-08 07:25
    Apple Cider's pretty simple, it's basically just Apple juice with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves and Mace. The trick is to not go overboard on the spices or any optional ingredients, the same goes with Wassail.
    Speaking of which, Wassail was so popular in old Europe that it actually has it's own carol.
    In fact, Wassail is traditionally a twelve night celebration (January 5-6) that came out of the Yuletide. Wassailing was the traditional term for Caroling, which was another part of the Wassail celebration, hence the song 'Here We Come A-wassailing', which is also known as 'Here We Come A-Caroling'.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-08 06:45
    Ah, and yes... I appreciate the GIMP tutorials. Sort of getting the hang of it now.
  7. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-08 06:43
    Well, we did talk it over today. Karen wants to try some too.. btw, she works as a cashier at a grocery, so she's familiar with things like foreign made Apple Cider. Told me that just not to make something that would make us vomit. XD Will do my best to make something drinkable.

    Absolutely... we celebrate Three Kings... we filipinos can't get enough of Christmas. Christmas "officially" starts here at September - large grocery stores already play Christmas songs as early as that. Mj would joke that giving her one dog stuffed toy for Dec 25 is not enough... told me that should also give her presents on September 25, October 25, and November 25.

    That looks like a big challenge you went through there getting people to watch anime. I did manage to get an uncle to watch the first episode of Ore no Imouto - he commented that it's for teens and not for children. My dad also watched the first episode of that anime... and had a sort of positive opinion too. One of our doctors actually watched and finished Madoka Magica up to the last ep. My mom watched Evangelion and Gundam wing with me years ago.. so I guess most people in our household are at least exposed to anime.
  8. Palsa-San
    2017-01-08 06:31
    Have you tried it yet?

    Great photo and cool outfit, I can see your getting the hang of Gimp's settings.

    You all celebrate Epiphany there? That's awesome.
    Most people I know in the states have never even heard of it, which is terrible shame.
    But my mother. . . she really loves Christmas. . . if we fail to stop her, she'd celebrate Christmas from July to Easter.

    My sister used to watch anime years ago, mostly because her friends did, then she got new friends and started to act sort of flaky towards it.
    But she's always been fine with Miyazaki, and the girls love anything with a Disney logo at the beginning (Disney licenses and dubs Studio Ghibli films).
    As for my parents. . . It took me forever to get them to even look at anime, and I had to use tact by selecting very specific series, like Chihayafuru and Ghost Hunt. I haven't tried RE:Life on them yet.
    My sister kind of set me back a ways though, while we were all staying at her place in Florda (around 06-09), she got the bright idea to have everyone watch Elfen Lied. . .
    I don't know which it exactly was that bothered them, the naked girl, the Carrie-like super powers, all the blood, or the innocent girl that got her head twirled off like a bottle cap before becoming a human shield. . .
    Or maybe it was a little bit of everything.
    Well, I eventually got them to start watching anime, and they've pretty much come to understand that it's a medium, not a genre, but getting into drawing in the manga style has also helped to influence them.
  9. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-08 02:18
    Oh, and Karen is here in the house today. We talked about the recipe you gave. She got curious too. I told her that we would have to use ingredients that we could find locally.

    Hmm, and we did a photoshoot today. One last batch of pics for the Christmas season. Christmas here is up to Jan 6, which is the celebration of "Three Kings".

  10. Liddo-kun
    2017-01-08 02:15
    Sorry for late reply. I'm very surprised that your relatives also watch anime. Nice. ^^
    On your snow pics,,,, my favs would be these..

    That thing hanging.. is it a Christmas decor in your house?

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