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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Palsa-San
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2018-01-05 06:28
    Hmm, and here's a belated Christmas present for you. ^^
  2. Liddo-kun
    2018-01-05 06:19
    Moemi is better than Luna at playing the game... she's more calm. XD

    Unfortunately, I cannot watch the Niconico link...
  3. Palsa-San
    2018-01-04 19:15
    Does Hanamori Yumiri sound a bit like Kizuna Ai to you, in this video?
  4. Palsa-San
    2018-01-03 16:39
    You mean 'Getting Over It'. Yep, I've watched her playthrough of it.
    Moemi also played that game awhile back:
    I'm not sure if Moemi has the same voice actress, but her channel is connected to Mirai Akari Project.
  5. Liddo-kun
    2018-01-03 06:19
    Haha, thanks! For me Evil Shiro > evil Kizuna Ai. Just kidding.

    Have you watched the vid where Kaguya tried playing the game of the man inside the pot?
  6. Palsa-San
    2018-01-02 23:03
    Evil Shiro's back.
    (No subs yet).
  7. Liddo-kun
    2018-01-01 19:43
    Thanks, happy new year to you too! ^^
  8. Palsa-San
    2018-01-01 14:48
    Happy New Year!
  9. Liddo-kun
    2017-12-27 18:37
    My mistake, confused their names... it was Tokino Sora who put a heart on my comment. XD

    Anyway, thanks for the new links. Will check them out. ^__^
  10. Palsa-San
    2017-12-26 23:59
    Ai has started a play-through of Five Nights At Freddy's. It seems like all the time she's spent in Resident Evil 7 has given her a slight case of immunity to horror games.

    Cool, Luna also just uploaded a game play video.
    On a related note, I think found her other channel under similar channels, she uploads a lot of music and voice over related stuff:

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