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Conversation Between Aaron008R and FieryAeon
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  1. FieryAeon
    2008-08-08 01:10
    @Aaron: (off topic)Any idea where I can find a compiled wiki or something on the personality and history of Touhou characters?

    @Fuyu: Why is it wrong? I need to feed! D:

    @C2F: I still think you may be overly optimistic about that.
  2. FieryAeon
    2008-08-06 01:43
    /me pokes Aaron
  3. FieryAeon
    2008-07-20 23:56
    Watched it, chibi-fied characters are cute.
  4. FieryAeon
    2008-07-17 00:57
    I haven't got down to watching it yet though. Thoughts?
  5. FieryAeon
    2008-07-10 21:43
    *climbs out from snake pit* Eek that was slimy. :3

    Oh then I'll settle for eating someone else.... *thinking*

    Oh and I'd go for Sekirei as well, though I'm kinda wondering about Koihime Musou myself. Of course there's also Slayers Revolution, which seems to be great so far.

    The thing is, we gotta get people overloading Aaron with crack and make him go all swirly-eyed if we want him to post more. *whips Aaron to write GenerationS faster*
  6. FieryAeon
    2008-07-03 03:19
    Cuz Aaron is fresh and tasty? XD
  7. FieryAeon
    2008-06-30 22:13
    Hi Fuyu! *gnaws on Aaron's head*

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