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Conversation Between Inferno Phoenyx and Yellowfishmann
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  1. Inferno Phoenyx
    2013-07-03 16:38
    Inferno Phoenyx
    Omg, I replied 2 year later
  2. Yellowfishmann
    2011-01-10 22:13
    i finally finished my list!!! hazahh!! hohohohehehohohehoyo
  3. Yellowfishmann
    2010-12-20 14:32
    yo asian, do you still get on this thing?
  4. Yellowfishmann
    2008-12-11 11:39
    i think 26 or something i dont remember.
  5. Yellowfishmann
    2008-12-11 11:37
    that leon4889 guy or girl is gay......
  6. Yellowfishmann
    2008-12-11 11:36
    25 in one day!?!?! hahaha lame. yesterday i finished all of suzuka and watched 11 kanokon. yeahhhh!!! i have no life!!!
  7. Yellowfishmann
    2008-12-11 11:30
    Yeah gangsta i only got to the "M"s
  8. Inferno Phoenyx
    2008-12-11 11:30
    Inferno Phoenyx
    damn you watch a lot.

    I'm catching up with one piece and i still need to watch like 100 more episodes i watched like 25 yesterday.
  9. Inferno Phoenyx
    2008-12-11 11:28
    Inferno Phoenyx
    haha! bleh.

    I'll check it out when we're not doing something in class.
  10. Yellowfishmann
    2008-12-11 11:26
    Look at my new list (not done)

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