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Conversation Between Miko Miko and psycho_luny
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  1. psycho_luny
    2010-11-22 12:10
    thank you ^^
    and i forgive you too ^^
  2. Miko Miko
    2010-11-22 09:21
    Miko Miko
    Course I forgive you , I'm sorry too
  3. psycho_luny
    2010-11-21 13:55
    m-kay, good to hear ^^
    look i'm sorry bout last time...please forgive me
  4. Miko Miko
    2010-11-21 13:53
    Miko Miko
    Thats good then
    I've been good too thanks.
  5. psycho_luny
    2010-11-21 13:01
    i've done alright...i think
  6. Miko Miko
    2010-11-20 16:15
    Miko Miko
    Hey Angelo, how have you been lately?
  7. psycho_luny
    2010-08-18 10:56
  8. Miko Miko
    2010-08-18 09:52
    Miko Miko
    I did tell her I was joking :3
    But i did block it in the end. :/
    Lets just drop it dude.
  9. psycho_luny
    2010-08-17 16:48
    Your friend says one more thing to me and I swear!! My friend wil say something about that horrific picture you sent to her! :/ We really have had enough, I apologised to you, and what do I get for that? erm.. abuse? She's 14!
    you were implying to punish me, with that, for what someone that used my msn did. i am not responsible for the actions of others, even if it's my msn.
    and if you don't like them being rude at the time you can block my msn for the moment or ignore them, but what you don't do is threaten me, ME WHO HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG, with shit like that.
  10. Miko Miko
    2010-08-17 15:49
    Miko Miko
    Well, what do you want me to think? :/ i didnt exactly blame you?
    But when people are being rude to me over msn on YOUR msn! :/

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