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Conversation Between Fenrir_valindri and Tempest35
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  1. Fenrir_valindri
    2013-07-02 07:00
    Haha, I just love swordwomen, but they would make a good team-up.

    Just need to add Erza as well.
  2. Tempest35
    2013-07-01 20:48
    So Mikasa is a Miria follower too? ...the thought of those two together scare me... in a good way. >.>
  3. Tempest35
    2013-04-21 10:31
    If you remember your FFNET login, I requested a DocX connection so I can send it to you via that way. Unless you have another way for me to send the file to you.
  4. Fenrir_valindri
    2013-04-20 14:29
    If you want, I wouldn't mind. I'm usually busy with my job now but I'm sure I can find the time.
  5. Tempest35
    2013-04-11 09:20
    Hey there buddy ol pal. Feel like reading through a small re-write of 'All Work and No Play?' I reworded some earlier scenes a tad and also actually wrote the complete ownage of the Ghosts by Miria's hand at snowball.
  6. Tempest35
    2012-07-10 13:47
    This is where we first see Suna Yi with Aoi Gengo.

    Okay, so she's not his personal guard or anything but she is familiar with him enough to cook for him. I guess it's because she appears to be similar to Aoi Kazuha...
  7. Tempest35
    2011-11-04 21:02
    Good grief, what's with all the scrutinty on Miria now because of her victory by the skin of her teeth - literally? Is it so bad to let our Miria-sama to have a desparate victory? >< As she would say...

    "...matte ku."
  8. Tempest35
    2011-07-17 06:24
    Ah, right now, I'm at Annual Training for the National Guard so my time's limited. But I must say, the sight of Miria going all out once more was very exciting to see. Glad to know that her perception of techniques has not diminished. Now, we'll see what she can do against a true #1.
  9. Fenrir_valindri
    2011-07-10 23:06
    How is it going Tempest35? Just though I'd ask you what you thought of the latest Claymore chapter.
  10. Fenrir_valindri
    2011-03-02 23:56
    I beg forgiveness, I wasn't thinking straith at all, read the chapter at like 2-3AM last night and completely forgot to PM you. I did make a post on the Martyr of Miria group post.

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