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Conversation Between Fenrir_valindri and revan5
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  1. revan5
    2011-07-17 19:16
    Spoiler for "RBN asks you to please enjoy this picture responsibly":

    If that spoiler sounds like an American beer commercial you've been here too long. Hope you like this, as he's got another, much more complex thing coming up you should really enjoy. Let him know what you think of the image, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. revan5
    2011-05-02 21:51
    Spoiler for Miria's adopted daughter:

    Royal Blue just did a rough draft of Natalie, Miria's adopted daughter. Let me know what you think!
  3. revan5
    2011-03-03 00:00
    Well that font is Old English style, so it takes a little skill to know what you're looking at. AEM huh? Now what would that stand for in his world?
  4. Fenrir_valindri
    2011-03-02 23:54
    Holy shit, that is a very epic piece of artwork you have there. I give my approval.
    That said, the NEW looks a bit overdone, friend of mine though the N was an A and the W was an M.
  5. revan5
    2011-03-02 23:48

    I hope you can see this. Anyways, if you can, let me know what you think! It took me and Leo ages to agree on the armor design alone.
  6. revan5
    2010-10-17 01:01
    Good news Fenrir, the story seems to be a huge hit, with almost 400 hits in just 2 weeks, and I haven't even uploaded half the chapters yet. This is probably going to be the one and only Miria epic, so I'm glad it's doing so well. How are you doing btw?

    Here's the link to the stuff:
  7. revan5
    2010-10-04 20:52
    Speaking of it doing well, I've got zero reviews since it's debuted on the 3rd. I'd be grateful for getting our beleaguered "goddess" off the ground with a quick review. Chapter 2 will be up on Friday or Saturday, but it seems people are cautious about reviewing it yet. I'll add all my last edits to chapter 1 in the next few days.
  8. Fenrir_valindri
    2010-10-04 18:48
    No suggestions to offer really. I look forward to seeing your work hit, it is sure to do well.
  9. revan5
    2010-10-03 10:27
    BTW Fenrir, my Miria-centric fanfic will be hitting soon. I hope it has your approval. I was going to pitch the story as the "the tale of Miria as it should have been, not what Yagi gave her". Any suggestions on how I summarize it?
  10. revan5
    2010-09-11 13:04

    "He's checking to see if each of the contestants is adequately hung over"

    "Oh, it looks like illicit drugs have officially entered play"

    "That's not the level of scorn I'd expect from a top competitor!"

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