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Conversation Between Fenrir_valindri and Ryus
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  1. Ryus
    2010-09-02 03:00
    4 am here... know the feeling I work and have tons of chores I have to do as well. Maybe I should just go to be and start reading a book...
  2. Fenrir_valindri
    2010-09-02 02:53
    I want to go to sleep, but I can't. This sucks, I have class tomorrow. >.<
  3. Ryus
    2010-09-02 01:33
    Yeah... I literally couldn't breath and everything seemed to freeze. It was a thousand times worse than watching Clare's head get cut off in ch 92... and that one floored me literally. That time though thank god there was no more evil panels that followed it... but this time was a nigthmare.
  4. Fenrir_valindri
    2010-09-02 01:18
    I have already seen them, like getting punched in the gut, every one of them.
  5. Ryus
    2010-09-01 23:04
    btw... do you want the link to the 6 spoiler pics? Must warn you seeing them was like getting hit by a train.
  6. Ryus
    2010-09-01 23:03
    I've been here almost all day for that very reason...
  7. Fenrir_valindri
    2010-09-01 23:02
    I have just discovered there is no alcohol in the house currently, so I'm going to vent about shit on the forums for a while.
  8. Ryus
    2010-09-01 22:39
    Tried going to sleep already but the death of a goddess just pissed me off to much to sleep though... but this drinking myself to sleep idea sounds good.
  9. Fenrir_valindri
    2010-09-01 22:36
    Drinking my self to sleep as I type this, R.I.P. to our goddess.
  10. Ryus
    2010-09-01 21:53
    If you haven't seen the spoiler pics brace yourself... If you have already seen them, I know your pain me and JB have been screaming about this all damn day.

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