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Conversation Between Iggy_Pop and Knightrunner
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  1. Iggy_Pop
    2010-03-30 06:33
    i know, I really hope it can be as good as Ga-rei
  2. Knightrunner
    2010-03-30 03:04
    Wow I saw the Tokyo ESP manga and it looks very promising.
  3. Knightrunner
    2010-03-14 12:39
    Did they ever tell what happen to Nue? I know the sword broke but that was all i knew.
  4. Iggy_Pop
    2010-03-14 06:27
    Hey, about Nue, yeah I know it from the chapter where Shizuru lived together Kensuke and the others
  5. Knightrunner
    2010-03-14 03:18
    Did you know that Nu was considered the third strongest spiritual beast?
  6. Knightrunner
    2010-02-28 06:45
    thanks for the heads up. now i know the chapter is up. but i'll have to sleep soon since it is 3:45am here.
  7. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-28 06:42
    Well, it used the be on raw-paradise but it's been deleted now. I manage to read it before it got deleted. It's quite good, the premise is nice. Like Ga-rei the first chapter is the meeting of the two protagonist. But this time, it's normal girl meets esper boy.
  8. Knightrunner
    2010-02-28 06:35
    I haven't where could I find it?
  9. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-28 06:34
    Yes, I've read it and I just noticed it. Looks like the author is really making clear on the parallel between Nori and Kensuke. BTW, have you read the raw of Tokyo ESP chapter 1?
  10. Knightrunner
    2010-02-28 05:45
    I just notice that Nori use to look like Kensuke in the past. Did you read chapter 47 english subbed?

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