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Conversation Between The Chaos and Suomi
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  1. The Chaos
    2011-01-30 13:49
    The Chaos
    thanks dear ..I'm good now
    its o.k for me ...I'm still gonna do it soon ^__^
  2. Suomi
    2011-01-29 10:35
    I'm sorry you were sick but glad you are better!
    I'm pretty good, how are you?
    no rush for the request, really.
  3. The Chaos
    2011-01-29 09:43
    The Chaos
    I just saw your request in my thread ..will work on it soon
    I haven't touch my ImageReady for while
  4. The Chaos
    2011-01-29 09:03
    The Chaos
    hello~ Illu-chan
    sorry my late reply ...I was sick the last two weeks ~__~
    anyway are you ?
  5. Suomi
    2011-01-08 12:51
    no. He is from Acid Black Cherry and also from Janne Da Arc
  6. The Chaos
    2011-01-08 12:07
    The Chaos
    I'm getting confused now ..isn't Yasu (?) from GazettE ..cause he look like one of the guys in the pic
  7. Suomi
    2011-01-07 17:14
    Wait, Yasu is not from GazettE.
  8. The Chaos
    2011-01-07 10:16
    The Chaos
    I can't say sexy yet I asked for photo of him but you didn't give me any pic yet for him alone
  9. Suomi
    2011-01-06 17:16

    CUTE? NO! Yasu is SEXY. YASU is HOT.
  10. The Chaos
    2011-01-06 11:39
    The Chaos
    with No make-up please

    the guy in your profile pic the guy you like ? he kinda cutey

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