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Conversation Between The Chaos and Tjaard
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  1. Tjaard
    2011-05-14 15:44
    Hope a day you find what you search for the wall

    Well, I'm trying something so for now is k, so now is more simple, need only to make more things on PS, lately i'm using it less and less
  2. The Chaos
    2011-05-14 03:38
    The Chaos
    O.k I'll search for the size ..I have many wallpaper with that size but its hard to pick now XD

    yeah..I replied to them and told them I'm from AS ..they already know me so followed me back but if you started talk first maybe they will follow you
  3. Tjaard
    2011-05-14 03:31
    Cause i see some right part void, probably you're using a 1024x, maybe xDD
    My desktop is 1280x720 so i'm using a 1280 too for the wall (without the mosaic option selected), but take off some part of in on the under position, so maybe is a 1280x640 around i think
    For now only you follow me, you think that i need to greet the others, answer a their normal tweet or a day they follow the page? Really i'm not good to start a conversation xDD
  4. The Chaos
    2011-05-14 03:12
    The Chaos
    my wall been there for 2 years ..maybe I'll change it now
    which size of wall you put ? I don't remember mine since it been while
  5. Tjaard
    2011-05-13 15:47
    Thx, i tried to find some good wall and after i choose this one

    Now i need to post there the page xDD
  6. The Chaos
    2011-05-13 14:52
    The Chaos
    I'm liking you wall in Twitter good to you see there since I don't come everyday to AS we can chat there
  7. Tjaard
    2011-05-12 14:35
    No no i cheked it, i put for now a wallpaper and an avi, but i need to re-dop the resize, cause the avi is auto-resized on a little version (don't know if is cause the 1080p is the normal size or the black-bar up) and the wall cause for me is a little bigger, need to resize it too lol
    But yeah i like it only today i had more problems, first 2 bathroom to clean 4 hours; second repair the water heater 4 hours with the guy for it, and third, for a bad ending, the guy where i bought the speakers told me that the magazine broke it, so he re-give me the money and now need first to buy them on another place, after i still need to wait them >_>
    I'm starting to think someone cursed me T_T

    Todoy i finish to resize them, and tomorrow i can start to use it
  8. The Chaos
    2011-05-12 12:13
    The Chaos
    so you checked twiter again ? I think you don't like it o.k if you don't wanna use it

    yeah ..I can't sleep more than 6 hours these days >_>
  9. Tjaard
    2011-05-10 03:02
    If you've time come this evening on msn, i wait you there xDD

    Probably you were too much tired, sleep well we'll see after
  10. The Chaos
    2011-05-09 23:41
    The Chaos
    I'm sooo sorry I forgot about log to MSN i told you I forget soo fast DX
    i was going to sleep then I remembered ..log to twitter later I think I spammed you Home page with many tweet of mine

    I'll reply to the VM tomorrow after I wake up ..I'm too sleepy now ~__~

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