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Conversation Between The Chaos and Tjaard
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  1. Tjaard
    2011-04-29 13:59
    I was until now always active, same for the chat, but or they give me 1 line of conversation or don't chat (and usually male ones lol), on this years made sigs, avi and gif, always many request but they don't chat the same, so don't ask me xDD
    You use tweeter? Never tried it lol

    Yeah, after re-send, wait and re-sent me the money, today i order the new one, so my monitor until now is still the one with fake colors lol

    Sket is really good, is a Gintama school-life version (without many things)
    After you watch them tell me what you thinks, this season is full of good things

    Hoshizora is a real crap so yeah, delete it xDD
    Yep is good, the only problem is the sub group, until now only Horrible made it >_>
  2. The Chaos
    2011-04-29 11:16
    The Chaos should be more active in the forum..there many interesting people here
    and if you don't see me here or in MSN just tweet to me and I'll log in

    you are talking about the monitor from last month ?? did you complain to them O_o

    I checked today Sket Dance and I'm liking it so far XD Onihime is awesome
    and lol...every anime you listed already in my HDD except : C, Steins Gate and X-Men

    O.k then Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi is crap I might delete it without checking it since I need space in my HDD >_>

    I'll see today Maria+Holic 2 it good like the first season ?
  3. Tjaard
    2011-04-28 13:49
    LoL pretty much I'm talking only with you and patchy, so if you 2 disappear i don't chat with others here

    Many many things, really many things, not really want remember them, but one of them is that i'm still waiting my monitor

    Gintama is awesome, and i love Sket Dance too, Sugita is the Switch'pc voice there, too much funny xDD

    I'm watching for now, first of all: Gintama, Toriko, Ao no Exorcist, Kaminomi 2, Sket Dance and Sengoku Otome
    After for second: C, Steins Gate, X-Men, AnoHana and Dog Days
    And for the last: Iroha, Nichijou, A-Channel and Maria Holic Alive

    Surely skip Hidan no Aria and Astarotte, cause after Dragon Crisis if i hear another loli of K.Rie i'm go crazy, and Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, dropped after 10min cause is too much idiot for me

    I'm waiting still Quaser 2 (cause need to finish the first one), Moshidora and the movie of Onigamiden

    After i need to decide if watch: Softenni, Denpa Onna, Pretty Rhythm, Dororon Enma-kun and Hyouge Mono; tell me if you know something of this, if are good or other crap
  4. The Chaos
    2011-04-28 12:16
    The Chaos
    lol..not disappeared but lazy to log on AS

    good to know you are fine ^^ but why unlucky ? did something happened ?

    yeah the first two ep were awesome and the third ep only Katsura part were funny I haven't seen the Anpan ep yet ^^;;

    from New season I'm Watching : the world god only 2 , Kaiji and Gintama the last season anime : Madoka Magica << the first two ep was boring so I haven't finished it yet >_>
  5. Tjaard
    2011-04-27 04:16
    Hi Chaos^^ I thought you disappeared from here xDD

    Fine, well, unlucky as always but fine lol

    Yeah, really funny the "2 years after arc", the card letter and the anpan one xDD
    It's really a long time that I laugh so much watching some epi

    What are you watching now?
  6. The Chaos
    2011-04-26 08:10
    The Chaos
    Hi Tjaard ^^ I been away from AS for long time
    how are you ??

    So you saw the new Gintama eps ??
  7. Tjaard
    2011-03-29 16:12
    I don't liked the season 1 so i don't think is possible for me like the second one lol
    Never liked it, the story is stupid, the chara are stupid, i don't like the art too, a series that become famous only cause the author previous work, another work that i don't really liked so much but that i can say was pretty original Chara making manga on a series is already used, sometime more for comedy ones, but surely not so stupid to start a manga where the main chara want only got a girl >_> That is utterly stupid, if i like the genre and not the theme i read some work of M. Katsura, surely not of Ohba
    Still not, but after you said this i think to understand cause i never watched it for now, only after the trailer and some immy i thought the same thing, i can add the blonde short haired girl too is annoying after so little xDD

    They told me today to wait until monday (cause weirdly the monitor were sold out) >_>
    This month my unlucky is over the top cause many other thing too T_T
  8. The Chaos
    2011-03-29 11:16
    The Chaos

    I saw Kimi ni Todoke S2 and its really better than the other Shoujo animes , really you should give it another chance Bakuman is trash ? I liked the manga and thought it was new Idea than the other mangas
    did you watch Infinite Stratos ? i started it yesterday and I hate the male lead >_<

    they should send better one this time and make wait less
  9. Tjaard
    2011-03-27 17:15
    Hope that are enough good for you, i down always something from them

    Well, I'm never tired to watch soccer, wrestling and sometime tennis too xDD
    But lately i down some old series cause i can't do much with the old monitor, except connect it on my tv and watch video on it >_>

    That's are surely something that i never watch lol Kimi no T is a little boring for me, watched other things similar, but this is nothing of special
    But surely i don't watch Bakuman, for me is only trash, the manga ia stupid and the anime is worst

    I sent it back, now i need to wait that them send me another ones (and surely now they make me wait a little >_>)
  10. The Chaos
    2011-03-27 12:49
    The Chaos
    thanks for the links ..I saw them and I know one of the sites..I'll be checking them soon ^^

    I see you update your thread I'm gonna check it now
    btw..I'm still at my offer for the dramas I think you might get sick of seeing too much sports

    I think I might start watching this season animes early before they finish ..I wanna see Kimi no todake and Bakuman

    Btw..did you fix the new monitor ?

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