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Conversation Between The Chaos and Tjaard
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  1. Tjaard
    2009-12-23 13:30
    Yeah, is a recap but is awesome (the same thing happened for One piece on the Alabasta and Chopper Movie), so if the next is a recap too, i want it on the Yoshiwara arc xDD

    Usually is tomorrow on the evening the date of when gg rel
    Hmm, i've watched many things but last season surely was better, and the next is really good too

    Hmm i see their works, yeah are good but isn't impossible make them if you read how do it or someone tell you, so i don't see the problem lol
    That's a really big post, for this things if you want use msn is more better, cause i don't want write novels here

    For the fansub, i went around 6 or 7 of them (I have never been the big boss cause is a real pain of work), but i stopped for many reason times ago
    Hmm, i don't talk of her graphic skill, cause isn't something that i really care, but her style on making sigs, cause is pretty solid and continuous
  2. The Chaos
    2009-12-23 13:05
    The Chaos
    but Gintama story mostly recap not like One Piece and what made people go watch it that Oda take part in making it ...I didn't see any movie of one Piece but this one seem awesome ...i guess we have to wait till DVD out to group be able to Sub it >__<

    the last ep aired ? isn't too early
    yeah..I didn't watch any anime this season just Umineko and other one
    I'll be bored again without it too .

    did you see Riker or KiNA work on animation ..I wish I could that like them
    I started making avatar year ago but 6 years you must awesome at making animated avatars and Sigs :3
    I started making avatars on my own I do need someone to teach but no one about making animation in my family or friends >__>

    fansub ? you have fansub group or what ?
    yeah Malin-chan have amazing style with sig ..I asked her and it seem her brother teach her
  3. Tjaard
    2009-12-23 12:55
    Yep, that's surely a big movie to watch, same thing for the movie of Gintama, I wait it
    Hmm, not a fan of Buggy, is funny but not so much, I think that Crocodyle or Ivankov chara have a good impact on the story ^^

    Ah sry, I mean the 26, the last one, after it goodbye to Umineko until the next season
    Well, the only way to have free time is sacrifice time for other things, there isn't another way

    Hmm, i think that you're a little wrong, i've almost 2 years of exp on gif on avi and sig, there isn't something as a master of animation (except for people that have a job on animation or graphic), until you want stay ont he size limit, you need to low something as frame or quality or delete something, master or not yoo can do only this
    After you don't need to say "talent", cause there is nothing like it here (usually is something that only who has just begun say lol), after almost 6 years i can tell you that the only thing to do is practice, only this, as long as you practice day for day you can make anything, cause for using "programs "you don't need talent lol, the only thing that can differentiate your work from others is the "style", something that you've decided and thought with your head

    Thanks, I spend hours to release things sometimes (and sometimes I think that I spend, times ago, less time on the fansub than here now on sig and avi)
    Find a style isn't so difficult, think what you like and put it in your way on your stuff; for ex. i really like the style of Malin for her sig, or the gif stuff of Pelli
  4. The Chaos
    2009-12-23 11:26
    The Chaos
    I heard it get the highest viewers in all theater in Japan...I'm so excited for it
    lol...Impel Down become Great when Baggy join the party ..I hated him at first but I become fan after seen image of him

    yep yep..I remember it now also okita and toshi was there
    gotta see it again ^_^

    gg released their ep while ago.. another update ?
    you have such free time ..i need free time too ~__~

    I know it hard with the size limit and the touhou(crino) sig looked cute ..but the animation masters didn't have problem with I wish I have their talent >__<

    I like you current style
  5. Tjaard
    2009-12-23 07:00
    I surely wait the new movie of One pIece but yeah, the filler were pretty annoying so glad to see the story continue, i love this arc on Impel Down

    Yeah was Fruits Punch Samurai G, he use always this nick lol, the Driver or MonHun Arc was really funny

    I wait gg sub for watch epi 25, and today third from last batch of Umineko (2 was my old sig that i change today) xDD

    Yeah, i made the Touhou one a day, but when i stopped to make gif for now, the same was for sig, i don't really like animated sig cause yeah, are good but the animation is really really poor, and this cause for a 50k is very limited, usually are eyes, hands, ecc. movement, or you can add text effect, but for now i prefer make only normal avi and normal sig
  6. The Chaos
    2009-12-23 06:07
    The Chaos
    lol...both annoying but luffy laugh is better ...I just finished watching ep 430 XD

    i don't know her name but that her ...katsura was with them ?
    I don't remember the eps but it was funny

    more beato x Battler Sig ? great ..which remind me to watch ep 25 ~__~ don't make animated Sig ?
  7. Tjaard
    2009-12-22 14:26
    Yeah, that's pretty annoying, instead i like Perona's "horohorohoro"

    Ah, you mean Ginko, yeah that's not bad too, i found funny when Katsura used lol at the end of his talking

    Added the new pack on the thread
  8. The Chaos
    2009-12-22 14:08
    The Chaos
    lol...he so cool as guy but I say go for the female version

    what make hate moira voice is his way laughing .. XD

    No ..I don't mean Paako the other one when was playing in Online game with kagura as scary tall guy and Shinpachi as himself with the other gang

    they both beautiful but I sure hope no use them because i love using them both in rotate sig if you don't mind ^o^
  9. Tjaard
    2009-12-22 14:01
    I like his chara as i like Luffy & Co., nothing of what you can think

    Moira voice isn't so bad, creepy but good, but i don't like his chara, is pretty strange lol

    If you mean Paako is lol cause yeah, some pics of him crossdressing isn't so bad
    Same for Zurako
    I don't know if someone use them for now, maybe the second, but i don't remember xDD
    And i add the batch of the day too, now i need to finish only your and Malin gift
  10. The Chaos
    2009-12-22 12:47
    The Chaos
    people been liking his female side since it was more cuter XD
    but good I see you Interested in his male side

    I hate Moira too with his creepy voice and the doctor was with him >__< started with one image and become very popular
    as well with Gintama when Gin-Chan turn to be a so cute

    so you making the last batch of the year soon
    I like the umineko sig but really from all the umineko Sig you made i love two sig
    Spoiler for Sig:

    I'm big fan of these Images and I loved them when I saw them in your thread

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