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Conversation Between The Chaos and hakisak
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  1. hakisak
    2009-03-01 18:31
    Yes but he made the other artists mad @ me.

    In hindsight...I think he may have been playing. He doesn't love me any longer...

    I swear you are so sweet, you see the best in everybody. Don't ever change

    Do you know if Skip Beat released episode 21?
  2. The Chaos
    2009-03-01 18:26
    The Chaos
    well Don't worry ...I think KiNA was Just joking ...he maybe missing the person who got Banned
  3. hakisak
    2009-03-01 18:22
    Yes but saying that tends to get the person you say that to banned. >.<
  4. The Chaos
    2009-03-01 17:32
    The Chaos
    Oh...I See ..maybe you Posts look like Someone he know
    like Old user.. too bad She is Banned now ::::>_<::::
  5. hakisak
    2009-03-01 17:25
    I love him....look what he did to me in Ehko's thread in fan creation. It was not nice...
  6. The Chaos
    2009-03-01 17:05
    The Chaos
    Hi....: what ..why you don't like KiNA ???
  7. hakisak
    2009-03-01 09:16
    He's so sexy...
    I am shipping him and the loli.

    KiNa is a bastard!
  8. The Chaos
    2009-03-01 05:32
    The Chaos
    It O.k to borrow my Page ??...I think you Already did borrow it
    and I read the first 3 chapter and it not bad
  9. hakisak
    2009-02-28 03:34
    I love Onegai Twins. Maiku was my first anime love..

    Chaos? Can I borrow your page?

    Aren't you in need of a new kick ass manga?

    Hardcore? Bad Ass, Anti-Hero--Seinen? Lots of blood and death. *Blind Guy With Sword* <--sounds good, eh eh? (It even has romance!)=WIN!

    Until Death Do Us Part (do you really want to be the last to know)

  10. The Chaos
    2009-02-27 12:22
    The Chaos
    Really Can't Read it now ...I'm Busy with my mom ..She need me every 5 min

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