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Conversation Between Mr Hat and Clogs and Dist
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  1. Dist
    2012-05-13 10:20
    ^I tried BF3 on everything maxed out before writing that post. I never said in my post that it stutters, did I? No. FPS affects other things aside from stuttering. The gameplay experience I had could be called anything but smooth. There was no lag but it was still horrid. If you can't understand what I am talking about ; Good for you, at least you can play with your mere 40fps. But I can't as I already told you, which is why I said my 580 won't run it everything on max, which was supposed to mean that it wont run on acceptable FPS.

    My computer is better than yours so calling it poorly optimized is laughable. You should investigate things a little before calling out on me like that.. An '' acceptable '' FPS depends on a game AND a person.

    Your argument is really stupid .. It's like '' Because i can, everyone else can ''..
  2. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2012-02-03 06:41
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    I've been on a couple times but not to much, also I'm not home ATM. Down visiting grand-parents, since it's my grand-fathers 90th. So I've been out for a few days, and a few more days to come.
  3. Dist
    2012-02-03 03:36
    Do you still play Dragon Nest lol? I sent you a mail too, but no reply. I was just trying to inquire as to when do you usually play, because it seems I'm never on when you are >.<

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