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Conversation Between Rena Ryuuguu and Fishcaek-Chan
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  1. Fishcaek-Chan
    2009-12-28 15:44
    I realllly hope there's a second season!!;; It seemed alot of people were upset with the Producers too~.
  2. Rena Ryuuguu
    2009-12-28 02:50
    Rena Ryuuguu
    iie, it was just a epic fail I wish it would have been much better but oh well T_T
  3. Fishcaek-Chan
    2009-12-24 19:10
    Oooh~ Didn't appreciate the finale I presume?:0
  4. Rena Ryuuguu
    2009-12-23 20:40
    Rena Ryuuguu
    hai I have but I'm really disappointed
  5. Fishcaek-Chan
    2009-12-15 23:22
    Oh-ho-ho~ What a charm!xD
    Have you been keeping up to the latest episodes~
  6. Rena Ryuuguu
    2009-12-15 13:16
    Rena Ryuuguu
    hauuu ~ exactly I love both I love 07expansion omochikaeriiiii ~<3
  7. Fishcaek-Chan
    2009-12-13 00:52
    OooOOoh~! THE Rena Ryuuguu~
    I lurves Higurashi! And you seem to like Umineko as well?
    I would love to be friends with you!

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