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Conversation Between Rena Ryuuguu and Christen
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  1. Rena Ryuuguu
    2009-07-19 05:15
    Rena Ryuuguu
    Same here, even though one of my favorite parts is when Kanon gets angry . like in EP 1, EP 2 and actually also EP 3 . I just hope DEEN gives Kanon in the next ep of the anime a hatchet at last!!>D it's just normal for me since Kanon is my favorite character and I'm obsessed with cleavers.. i love the anime as well, it just rushes ahead a little fast . so for new watcher they won't know much about the characters . but for us VN Gamer it doesn't matter ne? XD I also love that Umineko has so many characters .. even though if it continues like that then we surely have about 100 charas in EP 8 . there exists 72 Demons >D who knows how many will appear from them. I actually like all characters. but my favs are Kanon, Shannon, Satan and Siesta45. I also played all games and can't wait for EP 5 I wonder how many new character we will see, and who the new girl is , I think it's asumu or maybe its really Marias rose. since it was in the opening like like this rose is connected to her. and even her dress looks rose a like. but maybe Ryukishi-sama is just playing with us . that could be possible as well :O
  2. Rena Ryuuguu
    2009-07-17 15:21
    Rena Ryuuguu
    XD *giggle* I was just kidding. anyways how are you? what do you think of the Umineko Anime so far?
  3. Christen
    2009-07-17 11:25
    I don't stalk don't worry. >)
  4. Rena Ryuuguu
    2009-07-17 09:58
    Rena Ryuuguu
    moa, christen-san you could leave a comment if you stalk my profile :O
    I don't bite ( only slice ) just kidding >D

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