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Conversation Between Mitsu and Kyubi Jinchuuriki
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  1. Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    2011-01-19 15:37
    Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    Hey, remember me lol, god it's been so long since we've ever really chatted, so how have ya been?
  2. Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    2010-07-19 03:10
    Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    ummmmm, i may be over a month late, but its the thought tht counts???????? lol
    HAPPY OVER A MONTH LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! From Kyubi!!! (again sry fer the whole month late lol)
  3. Mitsu
    2009-10-06 19:29
    Your welcome. Lol I know how that feels~ Cool, if I don't think of anything, I will be expecting it then, then. Lol
  4. Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    2009-10-06 06:03
    Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    ok thnx, cause I kinda used up all my ideas I had, maybe i'll get one up on my 3 day weekend this week... end lol
  5. Mitsu
    2009-10-05 20:49
    Eh, not really right now. If I think up of anything i'll be sure to send it to you, I promise.
  6. Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    2009-10-05 18:50
    Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    Eh no prob (i'm kinda a criticism artist/writer, which I think means I like to to criticised either good or bad (incase I used the wrong word)) If you had some sort of idea for a 3rd teammate for Ruwa and Ken cause i'm kinda out of ideas for now. u could just send me him/her if you'd wanna
  7. Mitsu
    2009-10-05 18:47
    Okay... I won't feel stupid.
    Ken is pretty interesting! Sry, I don't have much time to look over anything right now. Eating dinner.
  8. Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    2009-10-05 18:38
    Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    Well dont feel stupid, I didn't really explain it. Also I got my 2nd character up btw.
  9. Mitsu
    2009-10-05 18:23
    Ahh... Okay, thanks for clearin' that up. I feel dumb. Lol
    Cool, i'll look at the teammate once it's up.
  10. Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    2009-10-05 17:34
    Kyubi Jinchuuriki
    Sand is required for all except for Sand Summoning and Earth to Sand Transformation
    (btw the teammate I meantioned should be up by the nite this was posted (incase u see this another day))

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