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Conversation Between xharumoni and Kazu
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  1. xharumoni
    2010-10-19 21:32
    I haven't heard from you in forevar! D8
    Just wanted to let ya know that EF EF AR iz back,
    so yeaaah. : )

    Hope you're doing well. ^_^
  2. Kazu
    2009-08-30 21:10
    I made one called Dragcowboy but for some stupid reason every tme I try to get to the login board it doesen't let me.I start school around next week if thats a good thing,i'm pretty meh about it then again it'll be nice to see some friends.oh yeah I also just came back from a cruise.
  3. xharumoni
    2009-08-23 20:28
    Oh, I see...
    Well, that's okay if you don't know what it is.
    AIM's like an Instant Messaging program, so like you can talk to me instantly, whenever you want, well, whenever we're both on, or you can just IM me when I'm offline when there's something important you have to say and can't wait-I'll get it when I log back in, but yeah. It would be a great way to keep in touch, don't you think? It's quite handy too for your other online friends and real life friends that have it-or maybe you can introduce them to it, hehe.
    Here's the website:
    & if you make one, which I REALLY hope you do, IM me sometime; my screenname's: xharumoni. xD
    & How's school(if you started it already)? : ]
    I go back tomorrow, so yeah.
  4. Kazu
    2009-08-22 16:12
    if you ever read this,hmm I been kind a lazy goin to FFR.I'm pretty stupid whats AIM?
  5. xharumoni
    2009-08-18 10:55
    Jean, where have you been?
    What happened to FFR, yo!
    & you should totally make an AIM!!
  6. Kazu
    2008-08-09 06:42
    Ha I found you

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