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Conversation Between mike211 and Adamarclight
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  1. Adamarclight
    2012-02-08 12:05
    [The demon and the fallenangel]
    The demon, the fallen angel and the dragons are the enemy of humans.
    Whether it’s common sense or not.
    The key words is demons and dragons.
    They exist only as threat for humans.

    --------------------- [End of Page 1] ---------------------
    [“Please give me Issei-kun…”]
    The night of the day before the field trip

    [Akeno’s hair]
    I was under pressure on the bed by Akeno-san with her hair down.
    A thin yukata that shows her body half naked,
    from that loose yukata I can see her white shoulder while she is looking at my brother.

    Perhaps I should say, she is naked around the breast already…
    While gulping down the saliva..i see pink and flickering glimpses from yukata that was about to collapsed.

    That's page 1 and 50% page 2...
    since you like it very much i'm giving it to you first...
    will post after i translated every 10 pages in thread

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