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Conversation Between iluvnuriko and Sesshomaru22
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  1. Sesshomaru22
    2009-01-08 02:08
    Ha ha ha! Shall I help you hunt them down?

    Oh, I know...It makes me seem soo pathetic when it comes to animation. All I can do is Animated rain... I wish I could make an animated one like they can...but, alas, I don't know if you can on GIMP...
  2. iluvnuriko
    2009-01-08 01:49
    O.O I shall hunt them all down haha/
    They have a lot of talent...especially in making animated avatars. I think I stole some from here long back XDD
  3. Sesshomaru22
    2009-01-08 01:38
    Yes! There is also Atomico as well.

    Awesome! Google always has a way to help us find something...Lol. I joined A4 before joining here. Lol. I definitely agree! I'm very jealous of them...
  4. iluvnuriko
    2009-01-08 01:30
    I think I saw Zaku and haku somewhere XD
    I was googling avatars and animesuki popped up first. I joined here before I did A4 even! Very good graphic designers here.
  5. Sesshomaru22
    2009-01-08 01:15
    I think there is more...I'm just too lazy to search. Lol.

    Ha! You're lucky you aren't experiencing the glitch.

    I found this place the same way I found A4...through Google. What about you?
  6. iluvnuriko
    2009-01-08 01:09
    I think there are more though lol
    I too am slightly bored and hungry. Hmmm I'm not experiencing any glitch though. So how did you find this place?
  7. Sesshomaru22
    2009-01-08 01:00
    You definitely should! I found at least...2 more A4ers. Lol.
    Wow! That's quite a long time!

    That's good! Me? I'm pretty bored right now...and hungry. Also irritated with A4, because of the stupid glitch. Although, I'm probably the only one experiencing it, it's still irritating. Lol.
  8. iluvnuriko
    2009-01-08 00:58
    Yay! I need to hunt down more A4ers XD
    I returned to this site yesterday....after having abandoned it for like 1 and a half years LOL
    I'm good I'm good. Yourself?
  9. Sesshomaru22
    2009-01-08 00:56
    Hey, Miko! 'Tis be me! Little ol' Rayne! How are ya?
  10. iluvnuriko
    2009-01-08 00:54
    Rayne is this you?!? I kinda identified your sig.
    hey ho this is A4's miko!

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