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Conversation Between Tom Bombadil and Gooral
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  1. Gooral
    2012-03-31 14:28
    Chinese scanlation is out. One big 'WTF?' is all I can say...
  2. Gooral
    2012-03-31 09:45
    Thanks for another spoiler .

    Spoiler for Claymore 125:
    I hope it's true because lately Claymore has been steadily going downhill. Miria as a protagonist just doesn't sit well with me.
  3. Tom Bombadil
    2012-03-31 02:53
    Tom Bombadil
    Oh, according to
    the Chinese scan is gonna come out on Sunday (post 16). Since it is April first nobody really knows. Well, she also posted another spoiler

    part of it are the similar with the previous one. It gives more details of what Hysteria actually said before her death (a.k.a., she retold the story of the bloody hills or whatever that was called where she fought many warriors of the organization. ) Guess who finished her off that time?
    Spoiler for spoiler:

    Then some other figure appeared from her dead body. Who may that be?
    Spoiler for spoiler:


    Spoiler for spoiler:

    In this spoiler the fight between the Cassandra and Rox seemed to end differently. Raki appeared at the end.

    To lazy to do it sentence by sentence since the scan is coming out soon. Maybe it is all april fool's joke, or maybe it is Yagi who is scream "april fools" in his studio.

    Edit: Oh, yes, she even provided some lines of Hysteria in post 40 of the the spoiler thread.
  4. Tom Bombadil
    2012-03-31 02:17
    Tom Bombadil
    Thanks for the head-up about the Claymore forum. It is nice to see old faces there. I think I'll keep up with the manga, but I doubt I'll have much to say. The Claymore community is declining everywhere, I guess. The Chinese ones, too.
  5. Gooral
    2012-03-30 13:59
    Thanks for the translation of Claymore spoiler. I'm not sure you know though but most Claymore Animesuki users (me, Shiek927, Ryus, Nixl, Fraktur, Falcor, limao, Milia Genei, Friday, Cyclone and more) have migrated here:
    Talking about Claymore in one thread only is just bad and inconvenient (and you won't find many people to talk to). Not to mention that on MH translations and even scanaltions are allowed so it's much more convenient.

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