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Conversation Between Taiyakikung and Shinigami_Mello
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  1. Shinigami_Mello
    2008-10-17 16:20
    Hehe, thanks!
    And nope, never played it, but I plan on watching the anime!
  2. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-17 00:28
    HuuYour new avatar is cuuuuuuuuuuut
    btw.Have you tried Chaos head(Visual novel)?I found it very interesting
  3. Shinigami_Mello
    2008-10-02 07:48
    Aah, Battler is my favorite character. Followed by Kanon, and then Beatrice. And then after that, it's too tough! XD
    It was tought at first, but, once you got the hang of it, it wasnt too bad. I just made the page really small and put it above the game and just had to keep scrolling down and make sure I'm reading the right line by checking if the first kanji matches XD And I want to believe in her too, because I cant believe she dosnt exist. Maybe she has, but not commited the crimes and just tajes credit?

    This season? After Story at first. I am so excited, wow xD I'm a big Nagisa x Tomoya fan so it's just great. (And the AS is the only part of the game I havnt played, so even more) I dont know what else I'mgoing to watch this season. I plan on waiting till all the first episodes to see what watch.Chaos;Head looks interesting!
  4. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-01 23:03
    My favourite characters are Kanon-kun^_^,Maria,Jessica and Maria "au au"
    You're so tough to use that script for the 2nd game
    Anyway,I still don't know much about Umineko.I'm still confused about the existence of Beatrice.But I'm changing my mind to believe in Golden witch because if I don't the story won't progess anywhere like Battler did
    btw,What're you going to watch the coming season?Clannad AS is comingin about 15 hours.
  5. Shinigami_Mello
    2008-10-01 15:52
    You of course ;D
    Haha, welcome to the club! I've played the first two games because I couldnt hold on any longer and went ahead using the scripts for the second game. (before they were taken off that is) It was good <3 But nice to meet you!
    Who's your favorite character? =o
  6. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-01 01:59
    Hello Beatrice-sama.Who're you going to kill the next twilight?
    Now,I'm Umineko addict.I just finished 1st game and now I'm waiting impatiently for the 2nd.How far have you played?
  7. Shinigami_Mello
    2008-08-04 20:42
    Nothing at all this season, I've been a bit too lazy I think? xD
  8. Taiyakikung
    2008-08-03 12:00
    I also think our favourite list do resembles.Are you watching anything good this season?
  9. Shinigami_Mello
    2008-08-02 12:33
    Haha, yes, I am!
    Thanks for the compliments on my signiture. We have a very similar favorites list xD
  10. Taiyakikung
    2008-08-02 12:13
    Hello.Are you Clannad's fan?I like your signature a lot.

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