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Conversation Between Taiyakikung and Littm
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  1. Littm
    2008-11-05 09:28
    Got some interesting news ? Ah, btw, how is the situation in your country now ?
  2. Littm
    2008-10-26 08:47
    And now my avy is finally sweet.
  3. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-26 07:06
    Littm-kun has changed to question mark-kun
  4. Littm
    2008-10-26 03:26
    Can't find a good avy that I really love. Like Ryou's some months ago. That's why I'm changing them so often.
  5. Littm
    2008-10-22 05:47
    Hm... Draw style is rather close to the game. Different, yeah, but close.
  6. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-21 19:42
    Actually,it's not bad.I just don't like how they draw the characters.
    btw,I doubt who's the worse Makoto(school day)or Takumi(Chaos;Head)
  7. Littm
    2008-10-20 08:01
    Yeah, I love to change them. Btw, why Tsu ? This adaptation is rather good.
  8. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-19 20:11
    Um.It feel like watching Tsukihime=_= but the story line should still be O.K. changed avatar a lot.
  9. Littm
    2008-10-19 10:51
    So, how is an adaptation of Chaos;Head for you ? Too bad they are not using an orignial ost, that killed some atmosphere.

    Talking about this moment, I'll give it maximum 8, not more. They can do it much better.
  10. Littm
    2008-09-30 00:36
    Some old things.

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