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Conversation Between Taiyakikung and vandakiara
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  1. vandakiara
    2008-10-01 12:32
    yeah you do have a point, we'll just have to wait and see... I learned that it's no use making theories about ryu-sama's works cuz it's nearly impossible to get it right... that man's a genious, it's as simple as that
  2. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-01 12:11
    You can see that Genji and Kanon're much more emotionless than Shannon.They do have a little feeling but not so much.Anyway,I firmly believe in my friend.About that orphange house Kanon and Shannon came from,I don't know either whether it's a lie of Kinzo or notwe have to wait and see later.One fact supporting that they are created by Kinzo is that Kanon,Shannon and Genji all have Ushiromiya marks on their outfits which Gonda don't have(Even Natsuhi can't get one from Kinzo ,I feel sorry for her) and Kinzo also trusts those three much more than his own children.Actually,I'm not so sure about akk these facts either.Ryukishi07 is always awesome enough to make my head spin around,confused about fact and lie
  3. vandakiara
    2008-10-01 11:44
    so that's what it is... well, I know they all say they're furniture but I never thought it had any actual meaning behind that...

    still, what your friend said.. well, I remember reading about shannon and kanon's past... where they came from and all that, so how can they be product of kinzou's magic?
    and about shannon being special... kanon loves too, he just doesn't want others to know because he sees himself as inferior *furniture *...

    are you sure that what your friend said wasn't just a theory floating around or something? cuz it seems kinda ackward to me...

    well, I'm not saying it's impossible.. you never know with ryu-sama anyway
  4. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-01 11:37
    If you play game you should have notice that Kanon,Shannon said a lot that they're just "furniture".At first,I think there's no specific meaning to it besides unimportant being or something like that.According to my friend,Shannon,Kanon,Genji are "furniture" and they are created by Kinzo's magic.It's said that they have no "mind"(except Shannon,she's special and she can love someone).I'm not sure whether those stake of purgatory are "furniture" or not but some of them got killed by someone in 2nd game.
  5. vandakiara
    2008-10-01 11:09
    well, I do have the game but I have no space on my pc to play it...
    so I just spoil myself... *and I don't know what the furniture means - spoil me please *

    well, in this season I plan to watch the 2nd season of ef, shugo chara, vampire knight and clannad and chaos;head as well as the 3rd season of jigoku shoujo... and can't remember anything else for now

    as for the siggy, yeah I just love kotomi so much... she's soooooo cute *and the one who made the sig was LustfulEnvy btw.. not me *
  6. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-01 11:00
    Ehh!Why do you want to spoil yourself so much!I got a bit angry when my friend forcefully told me what's the "furniture" mean
    anyway,I have to know that one day after all so I forgave him
    btw.What're you going to watch in the coming season?
    P.S.just see your sig.Kotomi's so moe
  7. vandakiara
    2008-10-01 10:49
    yeah that's probably it

    I'm also waiting for the patch but as I read summaries for the 2nd episode, I really wanted summaries for the 3rd one too...

    I just wanted to be able to spoil myself as much as possible
  8. Taiyakikung
    2008-10-01 10:38
    Ehh.Is that Rika-chama?I don't recognize her at all.Maybe,it's because she's in avatar and it's too small.
    07th expansion works're always my favourite.I'm waiting impatiently for the translation patch of 2nd umineko game.
  9. vandakiara
    2008-10-01 09:52
    saw your 'about me' just now and realized that higurashi was among your favorites

    so yeah, I didn't even had to tell you which anime she's from...

    you couldn't recognize her? o_o
  10. vandakiara
    2008-10-01 09:40
    the girl on my ava is Furude Rika from the anime Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

    she's really really cute... oh but if you want to see the anime, I have to warn you: it has blood but it's perfect either way

    I love the Key&Kyoni album btw I'm gonna add you as a friend if that's okay

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