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Conversation Between Sephi and Daniel E.
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  1. Sephi
    2011-09-21 09:30
    How cunning :P Well, i'll see how it goes

    Looking forward to see the wonderful banners
  2. Daniel E.
    2011-09-21 07:32
    Daniel E.
    I voted for the night banner theme so i can reuse the banner i made for the first AS banner contest.
    I can't decided for one myself to be honest. If the numbers are close, I'll probably try to ninja-vote at the last minute like Riker and others do at SOTM.
  3. Sephi
    2011-09-21 07:06
    I know that feeling Starting something and than dropping it due to lack of time or losing interest in it because a more interesting project came along ^.^

    As for the banners. The lazy bum inside of me already made the first move for that.

    I voted for the night banner theme so i can reuse the banner i made for the first AS banner contest. The night banners were never used

    And congrats on becoming a moderator. Just noticed it now!! Probably old news, but aah well
  4. Daniel E.
    2011-09-21 05:57
    Daniel E.
    How have you been? Still making vectors?
    I am still making them but I hardly finish them any more. Got about half a dozen incomplete traces now.

    We are currently trying to bring back the old banner contest, btw. So you could always try your hand at that too if you feel like it.
  5. Sephi
    2011-09-21 04:06
    Thank you

    Haven't been to active on the forum these days. But glad to know i haven't been forgotten. I might be more active on AS again from now on as i do miss this community

    How have you been? Still making vectors?
  6. Daniel E.
    2011-09-21 01:33
    Daniel E.
    Sephi, Happy Birthday to you!
  7. Daniel E.
    2010-10-03 02:15
    Daniel E.
    Yeah, and not only my Pc, my monitor also died at about the same time.

    My monitor was giving me problems for quite a while, though.
  8. Sephi
    2010-10-02 11:14
    Did your own pc broke down or something?

    I graduated about 3 month ago. Even though i got a full-time job, it's only temporarily. So I'm quite busy looking for a more steady job. And between that i also play a bit of SC2 and WoW. But a lot less than i had before as i wanna hang out with my friends more aswell.

    But who knows what the future brings, definitely going to pickup graphic design again if i got more time
  9. Daniel E.
    2010-09-27 15:46
    Daniel E.
    Oh don't worry about the birthday....... there's always next year!

    I convinced my brother to let me install photoshop on his laptop and now I am hoping the new banner contest will actually start.

    What about you sephi? Will you be interested in a new banner contest?
  10. Sephi
    2010-09-27 12:08
    Many thanks for the B-day wishes Daniel E I haven't been really active, so hope you forgive me for forgetting about your B-day How are you doing btw?

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