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Conversation Between Sephi and Marina
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  1. Sephi
    2009-02-20 03:26
    Think a (female)friend recommended a Corner, though meh, most of those series are recommended by a female friend, and usually i can't stand the series they like... Hana kimi was ok, but the protagonist stupidity was getting on my nerves, as well as how they make the story go on with the most stupid problems that might endanger their relation.

    And for some reason they don't translate good comedy/action without the strange romance part.

    And i always wanted to watch the live action of Nodame Cantabile. But for some reason i never got to it. But trying to learn Mandarin now, so any series that isn't Mandarin is trown to the bin.

    A special dream is a good way of describing what aria is. I'm also somewhat sad Aria is over. Though imo they could continue with the story and picking up from where they ended and show how Ai purchase her dream with Aika.

    They never showed the husband of you know who.. I wonder what fiend my godess(wife) married to

    Should keep things a bit vague so i won't spoil it for people.
  2. Marina
    2009-02-19 04:10
    Yeah, I read again in your thread about your current prison status in WoW I've never really played the game, and I probably never will, because I know if I do I'll get hopelessly addicted to it. AS and anime and ISML are addicting enough as it!

    Yeah, I love drama, and I like Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean shows. I've seen the Japanese version of HanaKimi already...I didn't know there was a Taiwanese verion of it! I'll have to check it out. Have you watched the J-drama of Nodame Cantabile? It's one of my favorites. I also quite like the T-drama Corner with Love.

    I agreed a little with you on the ending of Aria the Origination. I'm so sad that the series is over, the entire time I watched it I felt like I was in some special dream, and I never wanted it to end. I'm planning rewatching them again this summer
  3. Sephi
    2009-02-05 05:36
    Going ok, i was hoping to join the banner competition and spread some more Aria love over the place. But starting with WoW makes it even harder for me to do something useful these days

    From a look at your album, i see you like Asian drama series. I have been watching them a lot to lately, and watching less and less anime. I saw like 4-5 so far, and meh, most are meh meh hateful male lead, or stupid things that happen that ruins the progress of a couple. And than dragging it all the way till the end. Don't really like those kind of things, but watching it anyway because i want to learn mandarin. If your interested in a fun serie try Hanakimi. There is a Japanese version and Taiwanese version. I saw the Taiwanese one. Probably the most enjoyable one i saw so far.

    I also finished Aria the Origination. Just one word, beautiful. The last episode wasn't as special as i hoped, but all the others were great. I don't know what it is about Aria, but it's just so enjoyable
  4. Marina
    2009-02-04 05:11
    Thanks for the rep >.< How you doing Sephi-dear?
  5. Marina
    2008-12-25 00:58
    Merry Christmas! Xmas siggie waiting for you in my thread
  6. Marina
    2008-12-02 16:22
    Thanks Sephi ^_^ Now I'm looking forward to the banner comp!
  7. Sephi
    2008-12-02 09:23
    Congrats on winning the SOTM Marina

    Damn, only 2 days late...
  8. Marina
    2008-11-16 07:50
    noticed your comment in your thread - mind pointing out some good gfx forums besides AR that i can check out? I be stinking and needing some fresh perspective!
  9. Marina
    2008-09-21 02:54
    SEHHH-FAAAAY! Happy birthday otouto
  10. Marina
    2008-05-27 11:38
    It sortof reminds me of Facebook and Myspace, the whole reading strangers' profiles....not that I do that!

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