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Conversation Between Sephi and Izayoi
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  1. Izayoi
    2008-07-13 02:14
    I am pretty sure I still don't know if you are a guy or not; whatnot I am kidding here.
  2. Izayoi
    2008-07-11 03:09
    See what I tell you, ERASE ALL DOUBTS; SEPHI DOES SOUND FEMININE! Set your house on fire and call the mods; then tell them "My house is on fire, please change my name!" You know, I always thought Sephi was a nice name, too bad it sounds feminine right?
  3. Izayoi
    2008-07-07 20:40
    Na, but if I ever need some I will contract you.
  4. Izayoi
    2008-07-01 00:05
    Well yea, people started using credit for things even like rapidshare account and stuff; good news to me since I never use them for tutorial, tag rights(unless really hot), PSD.
  5. Izayoi
    2008-06-27 18:44
    CR, PR, FR is pretty famous, usually the credit there goes all around for auctions and stuff in other forums; but probably PR is the one most people know of. Never used this username(Setsilya~) on other forums though, so if someone with that name probably isn't me.
  6. Izayoi
    2008-06-24 12:10
    Oh like too many places, AR, PR, FR, GT, BR, CR and several others; no idea why it always end it R but that is ok.
  7. Izayoi
    2008-06-24 11:40
    Oh that's nice. Another thing is I seen your on AR but that is it, any other GFX forum you been to?
  8. Izayoi
    2008-06-24 00:13
    What kind of job do you have, a job where you sit and do nothing yet get paid. I seriously want a job like that.
  9. Izayoi
    2008-06-18 14:35
    Hey hey. don't make it sound like I became some demon. I am still very modest you know.
  10. Izayoi
    2008-06-17 14:38
    Sephi is always harsh, I remember when he taught me about using strokes to make border. He was like "LISTEN OR I AM GOING TO JAM MY .50 INTO YOUR *****"

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