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Conversation Between Sephi and Last Sinner
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  1. Last Sinner
    2010-03-04 07:29
    Last Sinner
    Seriously?! And I thought Blackrock was bad...yike, I suddenly feel fortunate.

    It's more the time of week. Since I'm now working, I can only have Fridays and Saturdays to do 10s since i raid ICC25 on the weekend. 5835 gs 3216 sp and I can top damage in 25 on Gunship, Blood Princes and Blood Queen.

    Everyone makes mistakes. Just try to minimise them. If people can't tolerate one, then they're not worth your time. I accidentally once pulled Rotface before people were ready. I copped it for about 5 minutes then people got over it.

    Gotta go to bed now. Off the top of my head, Bounen no Xamdou would fit the bill for both. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 was a good action/drama. Eden of the East as well for action/thriller, I guess. Maybe Baccano and Durarara for action - I personally didn't like them but they're both popular if you can handle multiple plot lines going off with no good guys - just a lot of mobsters/nutcases going around getting away with anything. Might be worth doing a thread in the Suggestion forums to be sure you get the genre(s) covered enough. That and I'm not sure what you've watched and what shows you like and don't like.
  2. Sephi
    2010-03-04 06:30
    Mmm, why can't you get in to ICC10? Because no one is running it or? On my server there are plenty of ICC10/25 and even still TOC10/25 going on. Just no one interested in Ulduar. Seeing the il 226 loot, it's not really surprising either.

    And we haven't been able to raid properly for a good week now... it's getting somewhat annoying... The server is down even now and it's 12:00 in the afternoon... It usually crashes at 20:00 prime time raiding...

    Last night i also experienced the first huge fail as a tank... I was doing TOC25 and made a mistake with Dreadscale that ended up 5 people killed in raid... Obviously being the tank, the first thing they do is trowing a bucket of crap in form of flaming and calling me noob over my head... and than kicking me.. Shurg... and than people are wondering why there are so few tanks... bah... This fail taste bitter to think of, it's my first serious fail as a tank, and i been tanking for about one and a half month now and got semi icc25 gear.

    As for anime, mm i haven't really been in to it for a good year and a half now. But anything worth mentioning is good
  3. Last Sinner
    2010-03-02 21:40
    Last Sinner
    Your progression is the same as mine, then. Too many people that don't have a clue on Blood Queen. But raiding spark within our group is dying. I don't think ICC is anywhere near what people wanted. I can't get into 10 mans for anything even though I'm one of the most geared people on the server.

    How far back (in years) am I allowed to go back to recommend some anime?
  4. Sephi
    2010-03-02 15:56
    My hunter is my Alt atm, focusing on my Paladin. Joined a raiding guild with my Paladin and we got Dreamwalker last week. Going for blood queen now. But meh.... Tarren Mill is going offline every raid evening... so we haven't been able to progress Tanking encounters can be quite fun, and at the same time boring when you don't have to do much and have 40% more thread in Omen

    Haven't kept myself up to date with Anime lately. But if you know a nice fantasy/Action anime i'm all ears
  5. Last Sinner
    2010-02-28 07:22
    Last Sinner
    How are things going with the hunter? Like any of the current anime season?
  6. Sephi
    2010-02-10 07:54
    thanks, i become a terrible addict to wow I haven't even been watching any anime. so terrible that i almost canceled going to the movie when i saw a few friends looking for a tank for ICC10, i know the group would be good Aah well, i'm sitting in the bus going to the movie, they probably are at prof putri or so by now Perhaps there is still hope for me Might pick up watching anime again, will look up the animes you mentioned.
  7. Last Sinner
    2010-02-10 07:11
    Last Sinner
    Welcome back! ^^ Good to hear you're doing well and in the prime time side of raiding as you should be.

    How you found the January season so far? Sora no Woto, Hanamaru Kindergarten, Katanagatari, Baka to Test and Nodame Final are what I'm watching.
  8. Last Sinner
    2009-04-04 20:14
    Last Sinner
    If those recipes are able to provide you with something that has a decent profit margin, then it's worth it. But by your own admission, your epic crafters werent seeling that fast and the profits weren't that high. The Dragon's Eyes you gave up for each epic craftable would have been 6 - there's 600g+ there. You know your server best, up to you.

    BL on the egg. I've only ever had an Aged Yolk once out of a dozen Oracle Eggs. Other 11 have been the pets. Still waiting for my Green Proto-Drake. I've given out so many excess pets for free.

    Your server's economy sounds nice.
  9. Sephi
    2009-04-04 15:38
    Yea, i could sell dragon's eye. But i usually spend the marks on recipes. I'll see if i can find a good balance between it. The dragon eye's cost 100-120G on my server.

    Most of the blue gems still has some value, though i think it will drop once the server gets more player, if that will ever happen...
    Took care of a stupid oracle egg for 7 days and all it gave me was some stupid food >.<
  10. Last Sinner
    2009-04-04 09:54
    Last Sinner
    I levelled JC to 440 on my 72 Shaman today. And I figured out something that may help you rack up gold gradually.

    1. Do your JC daily.
    2. Turn in the mark for a Dragon's Eye.
    3. Sell the Dragon's Eye on the AH for 80g+.

    You can do that once a day every day. You're looking at 560g+ a week for very simple dailies. Dragon's Eye is something crafters of severals professions need - they sell very quickly. So make use of that.

    Only other thing I can think of is to do your Icy Prism once a day every day and hope that you get Dragon's Eye and/or Scarlet Ruby from it. Because they are the only two blue rarity gems that sell well now. The other 5 have gone down so much it's scary. I bought Sky Sapphires and Forest Emerald off the AH tonight for only 4g each. Monarch Topaz was well over 100g in the ealy days of LK, now it's barely above 10g. Only Dragon's Eye and Scarlet Ruby have maintained their value. Make use of them.

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